Emergency Management

   Analyze a novel juridical instance (precedent 10 years) involving affliction desuetude. I recommend the utilization of Google Scholar to perceive a juridical instance. Instructions: Fully economize the materials that possess been supposing to you in adjust to help your response. Your primal column should be at meanest 500 suffrage. Please rejoin to at meanest two other students. Responses should be a minimum of 250 suffrage and conceive straightforward questions. You may summon, help or appendix another student’s rejoinder using the stipulations, concepts and theories from the required readings. Also, do not be timid to respectfully misfit where you impress appropriate; as this should be part of your dissection way at this academic plane. Government Documents and Websites: Scott, J.C. (n.d.). Concept Paper: Importance of Cultural Competency in Affliction Management. Retrieved from https://www.thinkculturalhealth.hhs.gov/pdfs/DisasterPersonnelConceptPaper_ImportanceInDisasterManagement.pdf FEMA (n.d.). Historic Preservation and Cultural Resources. Retrieved from http://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/20130726-1533-20490-9000/historicpreservationcultural_resources_2012.pdf Canton, L.G. (2015, May 29). Is your planning culturally impressible? Retrieved from http://www.emergencymgmt.com/emergency-blogs/managing-crisis/Is-Your-Planning-Culturally-Sensitive.html FEMA (2016). Policies. Retrieved from http://www.fema.gov/policies Nicholson, W. C. (2010). Obtaining Competent Juridical Advice: Challenges for Emergency Managers and Attorneys. Retrieved from  http://scholarlycommons.law.cwsl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1064&context=cwlr