English 1301 Qian Chen’s Notebook

Writer's Notebulk 1.1 The transcriber's notebulk is a establish for conception and for practicing accordment skills. Each part in this route accomplish enclose two transcriber's notebulk assignments.  Your foremost transcriber's notebulk assignment asks you to assess the canvasss you potentiality countenance this semester. Ondirection routes can be involved, exceptionally for tyros who undervalue the date needed to perfect the route and who delaydrawal computer skills, balbutiation skills, or accordment skills. For this transcriber's notebook, flourish these steps: 1. Behind balbutiation the date skill resources in the accustomedity aloft, go to  https://cs.txwes.edu/tools/ and conduct an assessment that analyzes your furnishdness to conduct an ondirection route. Retain in sentiment that this experiment is not necessarily an complimentary note of how YOU accomplish do in this route; it's merely a utensil to see wclose your canvasss potentiality be. 2. Next, assess your jaws. What did you jaw well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered on? What did you jaw unwell-mannered on? Do you judge your balanceall jaw complimentaryly reflects your power to abound in this ondirection route? 3. Now, deliberate a few other certaintyors that potentiality supply to your achievement this semester. What did you profit from the date skill accustomedity or from the assessment you took that potentiality aid you furnish for this semester? How accomplish you subdue any canvasss you countenance this semester? Writer's Notebulk 1.2 For this Writer's Notebook, tally to the flourishing quick in a blunt essay of at lowest 300 signification.   Prompt: Consider practicconducive after a whileions betwixt your tests as a transcriber and your MBTI mold (attribute to the antecedent accustomedity in Part 1 environing MBTI molds). What stages in the accordment mode supervene easiest for you? What stages of the accordment mode are most challenging to you? How potentiality you use accustomedity concerning your MBTI mold to fruit on the stages of accordment that canvass you the most?  Writer's Notebulk 2.1 This Writer's Notebulk minute consists of two tonnage: Part 1: Apprehend that, due to an occasionalty, you were weak to supervene tabulate or perfect an assignment. Transcribe a avenue intimation or email to a chum ended him or her environing the lucent. Define the lucent in occasional register dialect, using undesigning signification, cant, gibberish or dialect—the “insider dialect” that you address discurrent chums and the mold of dialect McWhorter discusses in the video aloft. If you address English as a succor dialect, you may mix your two dialects—equal to the quantity of using a few made-up or union signification. Let your sentences be blemished, your expression faulty, your signal excellent colorful, equal mildly offensive—upsuitpowerful mould us love you potentiality unquestionably transcribe this way to your chum. In other signification, retain it legitimate. Part 2:Using the concordant narrative you after a whileed aloft, now retranscribe the lucent as an email to your disciplinemaster in Pompous Register English. Your motive is to repress truthfulness delay your disciplinemaster opportunity search for him or her to sanction your balancelook. You must carefully career what details of the narrative you enclose and what details you concession out. Remember, communicating delay your disciplinemaster should be consequenceed in pompous register, and you should use the conventions of negotiative despatch.  You accomplish as-well-mannered need to enclose your fawn, route and individuality compute, upsuitpowerful as if you were sending a "real" intimation to me.   Complete twain tonnage of this assignment in the concordant instrument.  https://www.ted.com/talks/john_mcwhorter_txtng_is_killing_language_jk  Writer's Notebulk 2.2 After balbutiation Malcolm X's avenue aloft, judge environing the intersentiment and aim he has for accordment. To whom does he appear to be addressing? For what aim does he define his narrative environing profiting to peruse? Behind you've conception environing it, transcribe a tally that shows what you judge his intersentiment and aim are and why you judge the way you do. Be enduring to furnish living for your judgeing by using examples from the avenue. "Learning to Read" “Learning to Read” select from The Autobiography of Malcolm X MALCOLM X Born Malcolm Small on May 19, 1925, Malcolm X was one of the most clear and capabilityy leaders of bwithdrawal America during the 1960s. A street hustler condemned of pillage in 1946, he elapsed sequal years in prison, wclose he educated himself and became a valuer of Elijah Muhammad, instituter of the Nation of Islam. In the days of the well-mannered-mannered-mannered hues move, Malcolm X emerged as the ascititious spokesman for bwithdrawal separatism, a philosophy that urged bwithdrawal Americans to cut collective, gregarious, and economic ties delay the clear brotherhood. Behind a rustication to Mecca, the chief of the Muslim globe, in 1964, he became an correct Muslim, adopted the Muslim fawn El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, and distanced himself from the teachings of the bwithdrawal Muslims. He was assassinated in1965. In the flourishing select from his autobiography (1965), coauthored delay Alex Haley and published the year of his fall, Malcolm X defines his self-education.             It was consequently of my attaining that I happened to stray upon set-outing to profit some bark of a homemade command.             I became increasingly frustrated at not submodel conducive to frequented what I deficiencyed to bear in attaining that I wrote, exceptionally those to Mr. Elijah Muhammad. In the street, I had been the most clear hustler out there. I had commanded regard when I said bigwig. But now, unmanagepowerful to transcribe undesigning English, I not merely wasn’t clear, I wasn’t equal professional. How would I investigate accordment in cant, the way 1 would say it, bigwig such as, “Look, daddy, let me drag your wheedle environing a cat, Elijah Muhammad—”             Many who today heed me somewclose in peculiar, or on television, or those who peruse bigwig I’ve said, accomplish judge I went to discipdirection far over the eighth grade. This collision is due veritably to my prison studies.             It had unquestionably begun end in the Charlestown Prison, when Bimbi foremost made me move grudging of his hoard of accustomedity. Bimbi had constantly conductn impute of any conversations he was in, and I had genial to vie him. But aggregate bulk I fine up had few sentences which didn’t inclose anywclose from one to approximately all of the signification that potentiality as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered accept been in Chinese. When I upsuitpowerful skipped those signification, of route, I unquestionably ended up delay small conception of what the bulk said. So I had supervene to the Norfolk Prison Colony quiescent going through merely bulk-balbutiation motions. Pretty weakly, I would accept leave equal these motions, cosmical I had current the motivation that I did.             I saw that the best entity I could do was get delaywithhold of a wordbook—to con-over, to profit some signification. I was fortunate sufficient to conclude as-well-mannered that I should try to ameliorate my penmanship. It was sad. I couldn’t equal transcribe in a neasecurity frequentedion. It was twain conceptions concurrently that moved me to ask a wordcapacity adesire delay some tablets and pencils from the Norfolk Prison Colony discipline.             I elapsed two days upsuitpowerful riffling unpositively through the wordbook’s pages. I’d never legitimateized so abundant signification existed! I didn’t learn which signification I needed to profit. Finally, upsuitpowerful to set-out some bark of possession, I began servile.             In my dilatory, attentive, beggarly handwriting, I copied into my tablet aggregateentity printed on that foremost page, down to the punctuation marks.             I love it took me a day. Then, sonorously, I peruse end, to myself, aggregateentity I’d written on the tablet. Balance and balance, sonorously, to myself, I peruse my own handwriting.             I woke up the instant morning, judgeing environing those signification—immensely ostentatious to legitimateize that not merely had I written so plenteous at one date, but I’d written signification that I never knew were in the globe. Moreover, delay a small exertion, I as-well-mannered could soul what abundant of these signification balancet. I reviewed the signification whose senses I didn’t soul. Funny entity, from the wordcapacity foremost page suitpowerful now, that “aardvark” springs to my sentiment. The wordcapacity had a draw of it, a desire-tailed, desire-eared, burrowing African mammal, which speeds off termites caught by sticking out its dialect as an anteater does for ants.             I was so eager that I went on—I copied the wordbook’s instant page. And the concordant test came when I conversant that. Delay aggregate abounding page, I as-well-mannered profited of mass and establishs and equalts from certainty. Actually the wordcapacity is love a miniature encyclopedia. Finally the wordbook’s A individuality had employed a integral tablet—and I went on into the B’s. That was the way I set-outed servile what equaltually became the undiminished wordbook. It went a lot faster behind so plenteous usage aided me to eliminate up handagreement hasten. Betwixt what I wrote in my tablet, and accordment attaining, during the security of my date in prison I would apprehend I wrote a favorite signification.             I apprehend it was inevitconducive that as my signal-base broadened, I could for the foremost date eliminate up a bulk and peruse and now prepare to learn what the bulk was aphorism. Anyone who has peruse a protracted barmould can apprehend the new globe that opened. Let me communicate you bigwig: from then until I left that prison, in aggregate detached avail I had, if I was not balbutiation in the library, I was balbutiation on my bunk. You couldn’t accept gotten me out of bulks delay a wedge. Betwixt Mr. Muhammad’s teachings, my communication, my visitors—usually Ella and Reginald—and my balbutiation of bulks, months passed delayout my equal judgeing environing submodel imprisoned. In certainty, up to then, I never had been so veritably detached in my society.             The Norfolk Prison Colony’s library was in the discipdirection fabric. A multiplicity of tabulatees was taught tclose by disciplinemasters who came from such establishs as Harvard and Boston universities. The weekly debates betwixt resident teams were as-well-mannered held in the discipdirection fabric. You would be thunderstruck to learn how fruited up condemn debaters and interviews would get balance themes love “Should Babies Be Fed Milk?”             Availconducive on the prison library’s shelves were bulks on upsuitpowerful environing aggregate unconcealed theme. Plenteous of the big secret assembly that Parkhurst had accomplished to the prison was quiescent in crates and boxes in the end of the library—thousands of old bulks. Some of them appeared ancient: covers faded; old-date parchment-looking restrictive. Parkhurst, I’ve mentioned, appeared to accept been chiefly tempered in hinarrative and sanctity. He had the specie and the exceptional intesecurity to accept a lot of bulks that you wouldn’t accept in unconcealed prevalence. Any academy library would accept been fortunate to get that assembly.             As you can apprehend, exceptionally in a prison wclose tclose was grievous submodel on rehabilitation, an resident was smiled upon if he demonstrated an unusually intense intesecurity in bulks. Tclose was a sizconducive compute of well-mannered-mannered-mannered-peruse residents, exceptionally the approved debaters, Some were said by abundant to be actually walking encyclopedias.                      They were approximately celebrities. No university would ask any tyro to eat literary-works as I did when this new globe opened to me, of submodel conducive to peruse and learn.             I peruse over in my admission than in the library itself. An resident who was learnn to peruse a lot could stay out over than the detached ultimatum compute of bulks. I preferred balbutiation in the aggregate self-containedness of my own admission.             When I had progressed to unquestionably solemn balbutiation, aggregate misinterpretation at environing ten P.M. I would be outraged delay the “lights out.” It constantly appeared to lay-hands-on me suitpowerful in the intermediate of bigwig engrossing.             Fortunately, suitpowerful further my door was a corridor thoughtless that style a reality into my admission. The reality was sufficient to peruse by, unintermittently my eyes adjusted to it. So when “lights out” came, I would sit on the foundation wclose I could endure balbutiation in that reality.             At one-hour intervals the misinterpretation protectors paced spent aggregate admission. Each date I heedd the approaching footsteps, I jumped into bed and pretended slumber. And as weakly as the protector passed, I got end out of bed onto the foundation area of that thoughtless-glow, wclose I would peruse for another fifty-eight minutes—until the protector approached intermittently. That went on until three or disgusting aggregate morning. Three or disgusting hours of slumber a misinterpretation was sufficient for me. Repeatedly in the years in the streets I had slept less than that.             The teachings of Mr. Muhammad stressed how hinarrative had been “whitened”—when clear men had written hinarrative bulks, the bwithdrawal man simply had been left out...I never accomplish pretermit how shocked I was when I began balbutiation environing drudgery’s aggregate dismay. It made such an collision upon me that it posterior became one of my favorite themes when I became a wait of Mr. Muhammad’s. The globe’s most abnormal offense, the sin and the dignity on the clear man’s hands, are approximately impracticconducive to love...I peruse descriptions of atrocities, saw those illustrations of bwithdrawal drudge women tied up and flogged delay whips; of bwithdrawal mothers tending their babies submodel dbeggarly off, never to be seen by their mothers intermittently; of dogs behind drudges, and of the fugitive drudge lay-hands-oners, misfortune clear men delay whips and clubs and chains and guns...             Book behind bulk showed me how the clear man had brought upon the globe’s ebon, brown, red, and yellow masss aggregate multiplicity of the sufferings of exploitation. I saw how past the sixteenth epoch, the so-called “Christian trader” clear man began to ply the seas in his vehemence for Asian and African empires, and corrupt, and faculty. I peruse, I saw, how the clear man never has past discurrent the non-clear masss kind the Cross in the gentleman kind and temper of Christ’s teachings—meek, modest, and Christlike…             I accept repeatedly reflected upon the new vistas that balbutiation opened to me. I knew suitpowerful tclose in prison that balbutiation had transitional always the route of my society. As I see it today, the power to peruse awoke delayin me some desire undeveloped propensity to be mentally quick. I positively wasn’t seeking any rate, the way a academy confers a condition sign upon its tyros. My homemade command gave me, delay aggregate steadfast bulk that I peruse, a small bit over sensitivity to the deafness, dumbness, and weaksightedness that was afflicting the bwithdrawal pursuit in America. Not desire ago, an English transcriber telephoned me from London, search investigations. One was, “What’s your alma mater?” I told him, “Books.” You accomplish never lay-hands-on me delay a detached fifteen minutes in which I’m not con-overing bigwig I move potentiality be conducive to aid the bwithdrawal man. Writer's Notebulk 3.1 Attached Files: Active Balbutiation Writers Notebulk 3.1.docx - Alternative Formats (46.804 KB) Now that you learn a small environing erratic balbutiation, it's date for some usage. Open the steadfast refine and peruse the instructions at the top of the page. In blunt, you accomplish be asked to annotate a avenue and upload the annotated avenue to the transcriber's notebook. Active Reading Active balbutiation is a mode or technique of erraticly winning delay the avenue we are balbutiation. Often, we peruse inertly—that is, we conduct in the accustomedity we peruse delayout investigationing its fibre and delayout making peculiaral after a whileions delay the avenue. When we inertly peruse, we do not mould as plenteous from our balbutiation as when we erraticly peruse. Why Actively Read? In “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr rights sagacious balbutiation is tied to sagacious judgeing. If this right is gentleman, then moving over surcountenance raze balbutiations in a way that veritably gains delay the avenue can aid us enlarge our abilities to judge over obviously and over intelligently environing a theme and environing the globe in which we speed. Additionally, erratic balbutiation, as unanalogous to the inert balbutiation we do when skimming items or balbutiation for vill, can aid us Save date consequently we pay over regard to what we peruse the foremost date and do not wane date rereading. Prepare us for exams consequently we mould a over in-depth accustomedity of the representative. Stay apprehendn environing a theme that concerns us. Develop expoenduring to new conceptions or accept accustomed concepts reinforced. Create a sagaciouser learning of society’s complexities. Achieve psychological augmentation. Goals of Erratic Reading When we peruse erraticly, we try to learn the avenue totally by balbutiation dilatoryly and carefully, pausing to investigation a ocean conception or to reexamine a avenue that confuses us, and translateing the larger senses and implications of the avenue we’re balbutiation. We try to retain our sentiments erraticly judgeing environing what the avenue instrument. In unconcealed, erratic balbutiation allows us to Capture ocean conceptions, key concepts, and details of balbutiation. Target, weaken, and diquiescent the needed accustomedity from the avenue. Engage delay the avenue by making after a whileions delay our own accustomedity and speeds. Ask investigations that aid us judge sagaciouser environing the satisfied. Strategies for Erratic Reading Many techniques can aid us peruse over erraticly. Close are a few of the ocean ones: Start by previewing the avenue. Scan the designation, subtitle, footnotes, draws, and headings in the avenue. What do these communicate you environing the theme submodel discussed in the balbutiation? Think environing what you learn environing the theme. You already learn a protracted barmould environing abundant themes. What preconceived notions potentiality you carry to the balbutiation? Look for accustomedity environing the originator. What does the originator’s other fruits communicate you environing his or her model? Think environing the animated birth. What is the originator’s aim? Who is the originator’s intended interview?   Read the avenue carefully and transcribe conceptions environing the avenue in the margins, on your own monograph, or on sticky notes establishd in the avenue. Circle and appear up the definitions to signification you do not learn or cultural attributeences that you are not accustomed delay. Underdirection the theme or ocean conception. Ask investigations environing the avenue. Questions may deliberate themes such as the originator’s aim or motive in accordment, his or her use of averment to living rights, or his or her use of dialect. Pause to judge of investigations you accept environing the theme at diversified ends in the balbutiation. Make after a whileions betwixt your own society tests or accustomedity and the avenue. Does the discussing accord delay your anterior tests? Accept you peruse other avenues delay concordant discussings? Do you judge most mass would accord delay the averment presented in the avenue? Has your own society aged or robbed any of the discussings in the avenue? Find patterns delayin the avenue. Does the transcriber use verbosity to get a end despite? Identify assumptions the originator moulds in presenting the discussing. Are the assumptions conclusive? Do the originator’s assumptions canvass your own? In what ways? Interpret key avenues to furnish the underlying sense. Are tclose tonnage of the avenues that can be translateed in multiple ways? How do you translate key avenues? What does the avenue unquestionably balance?   Reperuse the avenue. Resentiment avenues that are involved. Now that you’ve peruse the avenue, can you over abundantly warrant the sense of involved avenues? What can you appear up that potentiality aid you captivate-to-pieces the avenue’s sense? Find shifts in ends of sentiment or in opinion and warrant any dialect that potentiality cue you into the underlying senses in the avenue. Paraphrase involved avenues by securityating the avenue in your own signification. Create a abstract of the avenue’s ocean discussing in your own signification. Try to define the avenue to someone who has not peruse it. Writer's Notebulk 3.2 For this Writer's Notebook, flourish these instructions to transcribe a abstract of an stipulation: Look afore to the instructions for the deep essay that concludes this part, the "Summary / Response" essay.  For that essay, you accomplish be asked to select an stipulation from the "readings" folder in this part.  Presentiment each of those stipulations and select one that you deficiency to transcribe environing for the abstract / tally essay. Then, peruse the stipulation carefully, nucleusing on the skills you profited from the accustomeditys in this part. Unintermittently you accept a amiable conception of what the stipulation says, usage summarizing the stipulation in this Writer's Notebulk minute.  As you summarize, retain a few entitys in sentiment. First, mould enduring that you obviously warrant the designation and originator of the origin stipulation.  Second, mould enduring you are complimentaryly kind the ocean conceptions from the origin stipulation.  Don't put signification in the originator's bunghole or misportray the conceptions from the stipulation.  Finally,  as you are summarizing, usage integrating quotations as well-mannered-mannered-mannered.  Look for sentences or phrases that are distinctly admirable to cite immediately in your abstract.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGWO1ldEhtQ  Writer's Notebulk 4.1  For this Writer's Notebook, you should tend the video "In Reverse" and tally to the flourishing quick delay a insufficiency of 300 signification: What consequence do the creators of this video ambition to accept on the sentimenter? In other signification, what is the video's aim? Who do you judge is the intended interview? Why? How do the creators of this video use the elements of visual expression discussed in this part to bear their intimation? You may as-well-mannered deliberate how elements not discussed in this part, such as investigate or exceptional consequences, gain and incite the sentimenter.  Note: This video incloses shadowry that some sentimenters may furnish unsettling. (frequented coclose to the video: https://vimeo.com/106588553)  https://vimeo.com/106588553  Writer's Notebulk 4.2 Attached Files: Writer's Notebulk 4.2 Outdirection Template.docx - Alternative Formats (13.434 KB) For this Writer's Notebook, you should form an outdirection for your instant assignment by flourishing these instructions: Take a avail to appear afore to your instant assignment.  You are asked to transcribe an extensive visual anatomy.  Take a small opportunity to browse the shadows availconducive to you and select one that accomplish be the theme of your essay.After you’ve separated an shadow, conduct some date to brainstorm and breed conceptions environing your theme. You may select any of the figment strategies discussed in Part 1 and the strategies discussed in the visual expression accustomeditys in this part. Once you accept breedd some conceptions, prepare judgeing environing ways to tie them concurrently.  Try devising a theme declaration that moulds a right environing the shadow you accept separated.  Next, judge environing how to shape your conceptions into a logical essay.  Use the outdirection template furnishd close to aid direct you in forming an outdirection for your essay. When you are perfect, you should accept a fruiting theme declaration and a elaborate outdirection for your deep essay. Writer's Notebulk 5.1 For this Writer’s Notebulk assignment, you accomplish be practicing paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting. First, you should select an stipulation that you accomplish be using as a origin for your Reasoning essay. Then, you should furnish three contrariant concerns of averment that you potentiality use in your essay as living representative. Perfect the Writer's Notebulk in 4 steps as explained below: 1. Generate a "quotation sandwich" out of one of the concerns of averment.  2. Expatiation a contrariant concern of averment. Enclose twain the primordial and your expatiation for similitude. 3. Summarize another concern of averment. Again, enclose the primordial and your abstract. 4. Enclose an in-avenue citation for each! At the end, be enduring to enclose a Works Cited minute for each origin. Writer's Notebulk 5.2 For your developed Writer's notebulk in this route, you accomplish generate an outdirection for the discussing essay. Use one of the outdirection templates furnishd in the antecedent accustomedity "Basic Reasoning Essay Structure."  You can then use the outdirection to aid you nucleus and shape the foremost exhaust of your discussing. Reasons Followed By Counterarguments I. Introduction          Necessary Background          Thesis II. Foremost Reason          Topic Sentence          Evidence & Explanation          Wrap-up / after a while to the theme III. Succor Conclude (concordant as aloft) IV. Endure delay over concludes V.  Refute Counterarguments (Counterargument paragraphs can go anywhere, but they repeatedly go toward the end) VI. Conclusion           Might enclose a fawn to possession           Or a declaration of the implications Reason/Counterargument I. Introduction           Necessary Background           Thesis II. Foremost Reason           Topic Sentence           Evidence           Wrap-up III. Refute counterarguments (if essential) IV. Succor conclude (concordant as II.) V.  Refute counterarguments (if essential) VI. Endure delay this pattern VII. Conclusion           Might enclose a fawn to possession           Or a declaration of implications