MUSC 1033:  Appreciation of Music Final Essay: Voicelessness and Emotion Through Time Due: 5/10/2019 utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare Watch the TED Talk, “ Music and Emotion Through Time.”   Write a 3-4 page essay, nature indisputable to  cover twain of the guidelines adown.  Your essay must be typed and inclose spaced, using New  Times Roman font.  Heading esthetic should be uncompounded spaced.   Half of your essay (1½-2 pages) should yield a abridgment of the gratified of the video, as  well-mannered as a petty thought on your opinion/thoughts on the video.  Be as detailed as  possible.  The relieve half of your essay (1½-2 pages) yields you an opening to direct how  your sentiment of voicelessness evolved throughout the semester.  Please assume into consideration  twain “Popular Music” (Jazz, Folk, Religious, Popular voicelessness styles, etc. from leading half the  semester) and “Art Music” (Classical Voicelessness from Renaissance through Romantic Eras).   You can besides haul on your experiences synchronous the required concerts throughout the  semester, as well-mannered-mannered as any concepts or topics we discussed, either in lectures or  assignments that made you sentiment voicelessness in irrelative way.   Please use own section format and academic phraseology.  This is an essay, NOT a thought  assignment from your Blue Books.  This degree succeed assume the fix of the fourth exam that we  were unfitted to fit in as intentional.  If you go past the 3-4 page diffusiveness capability, that is slender. Points succeed be deducted if your essay is shorter than the required diffusiveness