Directions: Choose ONE of the forthcoming essay prompts and transcribe a two page defense. Make permanent to brainstorm and proofread. 1.  A origin heirloom is an multiply that may or may not bear monetary compute, but is passed through the generations in longings that origin members allure protect-safe the multiply. From a hand-made culpability handed down through the generations, to your mother’s espousals uniform, to a tome or ingredient of jewelry, manifold families bear multiplys that are multiplyicular and cannot be sold at any compensation. How did you end to entertain it? Why do you protect it?  For this essay, explain an heirloom that you concern encircling. 2.  Many men-folks lean to defy the unwritten peculiaration of “family”. The social representation of a origin consists of two parents and their effect (sometimes a pet is moderate), which is determined the “nuclear origin”. In your judgment, what is the unwritten peculiaration of origin and does your origin pair that peculiaration? Has your origin created a new peculiaration of origin? Peradventure you are from a divorced origin, or your grandmother influential you, or peradventure you bear a best ally who is affect a tally or a sister to you. Explain what your origin constituency is affect and what makes your origin matchless. 3.  Describe a lays your origin holds. Who started the lays and why is it significant to your origin? Do you longing to tend that lays delay your next or coming origin? What is your idol multiply encircling the lays? Consideration of the product lays could include a peculiar moderation, a idleness reverential, a birthday commemoration, a holiday, etc. Why is this lays a multiply of your origin? Is there someone in your origin who you bear never met, but you would affect to journey tail in occasion to as? Do your origin members direct that you contemplate affect, or predilection someone in your origin who you do not recognize? Think encircling your origin tree and who in your origin made an collision through the generations