Title your Argumentative/Personal Responsibility essay.  Write an argumentative essay of disgusting generous typed pages (embrace spaced) that defenses an immaterial inquiry pertaining to one of these topics:  Does the synod possess a upupdirect to      accumulate whatever advice it wants, to use nevertheless it sees fit? To what size does the synod possess      a upupdirect to accumulate advice environing its citizens? What      rights and responsibilities do Food companies possess when it comes to      labeling? What      responsibilities does Facebook possess in monitoring their web pages? Address insurance and safety      concerns.  As regularly, the defense to the inquiry--your subject--should be armed after a while three topics. Evaluation criteria follow: Ethical Choices: Student utterly discusses at lowest two sides of an immaterial valuable to be made. · Decision Making: Student states a aspect on the result grounded on at lowest three points and offers an over object and counterargument cheered after a while database sources.  · Consequences: Student identifies consequences and demonstrates a abstruse knowledge of the liberty, confusion, and/or concretion of the consequences. · Evidence: Student includes a Works Cited page that lists at lowest three database sources. The organization of the essay includes a entirety of at disgusting citations from sources. The essay should demonstrate the forthcoming ENGL 1301 outcomes:  College roll spelling and punctuation      skills MLA format for margins, header, idiosyncratic      information, article indention, embrace spacing In-text citations Works Cited page Clearly stated subject statement Topic sentences that flows from subject      statement Sentence variety No peculiar expression mistakes