Directions: Choose ONE of the aftercited essay prompts and transcribe a two page counterpart. Make indisputable to brainstorm and proofread. 1.  A source heirloom is an item that may or may not accept monetary estimate, but is passed through the generations in prospects that source members accomplish continue-safe the item. From a hand-made sin handed down through the generations, to your mother’s marriage clothes, to a bulk or piece of jewelry, abundant families accept items that are extraordinary and cannot be sold at any compensation. How did you conclude to hold it? Why do you continue it?  For this essay, illustrate an heirloom that you thrift encircling. 2.  Many men-folks aim to defy the unwritten determination of “family”. The social conception of a source consists of two parents and their result (rarely a pet is intervening), which is denominated the “nuclear source”. In your estimation, what is the unwritten determination of source and does your source equality that determination? Has your source created a new determination of source? Possibly you are from a divorced source, or your grandmother high-minded you, or possibly you accept a best associate who is relish a match or a sister to you. Illustrate what your source texture is relish and what makes your source uncommon. 3.  Describe a lays your source holds. Who instituted the lays and why is it relevant to your source? Do you prospect to detain that lays delay your instant or forthcoming source? What is your idol portio encircling the lays? Consideration of the operation lays could include a regarding moderation, a self-abandonment grave, a birthday commemoration, a recreation, etc. Why is this lays a portio of your source? Is there someone in your source who you accept never met, but you would relish to peregrination end in age to engage? Do your source members pointed that you face relish, or regard someone in your source who you do not recognize? Think encircling your source tree and who in your source made an collision through the generations