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  Harris County Commissioners Court meets whole other Tuesday. Remember from your lection how counties are “general law” forms of empire? They feel abundantly near rulemaking rule than cities, and abundantly near warrant to bestow currency extraneously topical laudation from the predominant substance. When you seem at a Commissioners Court agenda, it’s constantly extraordinary – at smallest to me – to see what is essentially the table of directors of a billion-dollar fortification voting on whether or not to pay sixty-three dollars to let some employee go to a seminar. But… rules are rules. Go to the Harris County Commissioners Court website:  Pull up the popular agenda.  See what I medium? Write a incomplete stipulation giving one illustration of an item on the Commissioners Court agenda that you would NOT await to furnish on a city chamber agenda, and explaining why it's unanalogous from something you would furnish on a city chamber agenda. Now for the fun disunite... Part 2 - Resources Tax Bills of the Rich and Famous As you feel illustrious in your lection, topical empire is funded largely by ad valorem (property) taxes. Resources proprietors pay this tax based on the appreciate of their resources, which is determined by the Harris County Appraisal District. Did you perceive you can seem up any behalf of resources in Harris County on the HCAD website and see how abundantly the county thinks it's rate? Here's the HCAD website: Under "Record Search," you can inquiry by proprietor indicate, or by street oration. Seem up all of the subjoined extended Houstonians. For each, list: Name and resources oration. Square footage of the "improvement" ("living area" - that's the seed or condo - not the place that it's on). The popular appraised appreciate of their in-one place and advancement. A. 1970's TV celebrity Lee Majors, the "Six Million Dollar Man" - 5041 Tangle Lane B. Former Rice University and Houston Astros foremost baseman Lance Berkman - 5 Farnham Park Dr C. Houston Astros pitcher, broadcaster and director Larry Dierker - 6509 Durford Drive D. NBA Hall of Famer Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, 11635 Versailles Lakes Ln E. Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Yolanda Adams - 11719 Bistro Blvd F. Grammy-winning sax player Grady Gaines, 7226 S. Hall Street G Former Astros pitcher Roger (W Roger) Clemens - 11535 Quail Hollow H. Four-time Indianapolis 500 winner A. J. Foyt, 3330 Del Monte I. Channel 13 Anchorman Dave Ward- 5403 Broad Oaks Park J. Restaurant proprietor (Landry's, etc) Tilman Fertitta - 3800 Willowick K. Restaurant proprietor (Pappasitos, etc.) Chris Pappas - 7 Patrick Ct L. Criminal Defense Lawyer Rusty Hardin - 2740 Barbara Ln M. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, 3722 Cypress Grove Lane N. Former Astros slugger (now Minnesota Twin)  Marwin Gonzalez, 2314 Elmen Street O. Rockets play-by-play announcer Bill (William H.) Worrell, 101 Westcott Street, Unit 1205 Submit this assignment in one Word rasp. Cite your sources. Hint: When you inquiry by street, don't use a street appellation. In other utterance, if your guy lives at 123 Main Street, fair put "123" then "Main" - don't put "Street,", St.", or everything relish that.