ESSAY NEEDED -  RUBRIC ATTACHED MUST BE VERY CAREFUL OF PLAGIARISM!!! Write an expository essay on the Army Values and how you adopted and or serviceable to them, so your disquisition should comprehend how you can empower an environment of decency and regard. This is a example factor of your unit's SHARP philosophy. DO NOT USE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE to foundation your texture. This is not the settle to relation on a SHARP transaction. State your assumption in a open and condensed deportment. Provide a consistent transition from one subject to the instant using this rubric as a unconcealed guideline. Your essay should be in Times New Roman, 12pt font, APA 6th edition format after a while Level 1 Headings, and no immaterial, and must be three to five pages in diffusiveness not including your distinction and intimation page. It must be submitted in Word, not PDF. - Adopt the Army Values - Embraces an Environment of decency and regard - Describes SHARP and their impression - Identifies Key Concepts of the SHARP Program - Employs measures to subdue the occasion of Sexual Assault - Knows relationing and defense instrument