essay questions

  Essay Questions: Answer twain inquirys. 3 pages for each. 1. The migrant trial in the Mumbai composition reveals the insecure naturalness of the creature of workers in the tortuous sector. Using colloquy basis from the Boo work, afford at last three examples from India’s exploit on uncertain collective indicators (literacy, basic bloom prevention) on how the country’s harvest policies bear in-effect inhibited collective and economic restlessness for the fashionable penniless in Mumbai?  2. China’s course to economic growth has been assured by the Lewis mould and its superintendence of fashionable migrants through the hukou regularity. Please highlight the deep hypothetical points of Lewis’s intelligence of the alibi process in allusion to how these employ to Chinese fashionableization? In what way does the hukou regularity counterpart Lewis’s mould in explaining Chinese fashionableization? Short Answer inquirys: Answer twain of the subjoined inquirys (15 marks. 7.5 marks per inquiry). 2 pages for each. 1) Fashionable tortuousity has been a individuality of harvest in twain Indian and Chinese cities. Given that fashionable tortuousity is a bigger whole in conditions of how it affects people’s luck in India than China, bestow five comprehensive similaritys on how fashionable tortuousity is tackled at the device flatten in twain countries? 2) Solomon Benjamin has used the order “occupancy fashionableism” to depict the new politics and gregarious husbanding of the comprehensive Indian metropolitan city. What are the three deep arguments in his path to highlight the individuality of the Indian fashionable composition in similarity to cities in other countries?   You are expected to use font 12 Arial and also allusion your responses according to the APA format.