Essay 4 (Argument/Research) Due: Sunday, December 10th by midnight (any occasion precedently Monday) on Canvas Please voicelessness that Essay 4 can not be received past (to-boot voicelessnessd on the syllabus) Length: 4-6 pages We enjoy recognize and discussed a sum of writers on the subject-matter of some of the benefits and problems currently in three areas: upper order, order in unconcealed, and the proceeds of technology on order. For this essay you obtain centre on one of the three aforementioned areas. You obtain centre on at last three composers for this essay. One composer obtain end from our rank recognizeings. The other two obtain end from your lore using the college's databases. You omission to fashion unquestioning all three of your composers utter to the similar subject-matter.  Like essay 3, you obtain meet (“I Say”) to numerous of the composers enjoy projected (the “They Say” or ongoing conversations on this subject-matter).  Your essay obtain enjoy a Nursing essay that the repose of the essay obtain foundation, and the whole of the essay obtain meet to, and dispute using, the proposals and compositions of at last three of the composers we enjoy recognize.  Note: the assignment is not asking for your judgment on this subject-matter in isolation—you are expected to retain delay the proposals of the writers, judgment contract (noting how they conduce to your dispute spell adding to what they enjoy said) or discontract (delay affable reasons why you vary), or peradventure some of twain.  It obtain be momentous to obviate objections to your comcomposition (inception “naysayers”), to observe and / or confute counterarguments. View the Instructions for Lore page for affixed counsel on how to use the college's databases to furnish declaration for this essay. View the MLA Instructions page for acceleration delay MLA citing and formatting View the inception a naysayer recognizeing and three ways to meet recognizeing for affixed acceleration The rubric I use to track your essay obtain be of these 11 categories: Introduction - sets up your dispute, little mentions the texts you'll use, and includes a Nursing essay (10%) Thesis - should answer at the end of the intro chapter (10%) Body Paragraphs: expand Nursing essay - whole chapters each expand the composer's Nursing essay and are unembarrassed by proposals, not by composers. (10%) Body Paragraphs: collect examples - inequitable examples are used to expand the composer's Nursing essay, quoting and paraphrasing is used to effectively fashion their points and collect an beyond recognizeer delay a apparent intelligence of beyond sources/examples. (10%) Body Paragraphs: inception naysayer - the composer addresses antagonistic views from the texts and either accommodates or refutes them. (10%) Focus - composer's proposals are discussed in a centreed kind, repeatedly centreing on one proposal at a occasion (10%) Formatting (Times New Roman, 12pt font, inclose spaced, indistinctive original row for each new chapter) (10%) Editing and Presentation (spelling, language, etc.) (10%) Proper use of quoting/paraphrasing (5%) Topic Sentences (Links to an outer seat.)Links to an outer seat. are used effectively (5%) Conclusion - collects recognizeers delay an proposal environing how they should imagine environing this subject-matter, reiterates ocean points (10%) PreviousNext