focus question

   DIRECTIONS: Answer each investigation fully using expend grammar, spelling and punctuation.  1. A tutor has begun proficiency monitoring her tyros’ math aptitudes. She has ruled to surrender them weekly silts that assess the aptitudes they are inaugurated on. In manage to reckoning the silts and footprint proficiency she has ruled to estimate the percentage of tenors improve. What dominion be a past conducive way to footprint proficiency and why? 2. There are two incongruous fashions of math CBM proficiency monitoring silts. One is a aptitude particular silt and the other is a open silt after a while different tenor fashions. Provide a restriction of each silt and an in of when each fashion would be most expend to use. 3. Precedently source to effect after a while a tyro who had reckoningd low on a lection screening gauge, the intrusion specialist administered 2 past lection CBM gaugements. She then implemented an intrusion and utilized CBM’s to footprint the tyro’s proficiency weekly inland their appearance. What was the intention of administering 2 past CBMs precedently source the intrusion and what should the specialist be doing after a while this postulates as she is collecting it? Please use simply the devotion for your response 2 pages