Follow these Steps to Writing your “Daughter from Danang” Essay Dear Students,  For Weds, fascinate thrive these steps. Transcribe down anything listed beneath, and induce it delay you to arrange. Induce your gathering, too. You get not want to agency this in; thus-far, if you feel it, I can let you apprehend if you are on the just course delay your ideas. If you don't feel it, I won't be effectual to communicate you any feedback or suggestions on how to unravel your ideas. Step #1:  Write your Nursing essay declaration by echoing the scrutiny promptly. Sample Nursing essay Statement One assured and one privative point: Mai Thi Kim made the just select when she determined to despatch Heidi to the US accordingly of ____________________________________; thus-far, this select also led to problems due to _______________________________. Two assured points: Heidi’s biological mother made the just select by deciding to despatch her to the US for excellent accordingly _____________________________ and _____________________________________. Two privative points: Mai Thi Kim’s select to despatch Heidi to America for excellent was loose accordingly ________________________________ and ____________________________________________. Step #2:  Create a gathering to unravel the two main fooded points that you mentioned in the Nursing essay declaration.  This get guide to momentous details, examples and description that you get want to food your main ideas. Step #3:  Write two subject phrases. Step #4:  Under each subject phrase, transcribe down key points of food—a) unembodied description  b) indurated examples: Topic phrase:___________________________________ Abstract description:___________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Concrete examples:________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________