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  Unit 2 - Individual Project  Collapse Assignment Overview & "Go To" LinksAssignment OverviewType: Individual ProjectUnit:  Modeling UncertaintyDue Date:  Wed, 10/18/17Grading Type: NumericPoints Possible:  100Points Earned:  0Deliverable Length:  2-3 pagesView objectives for this assignmentGo To: Assignment Details Learning Materials Reading Assignment My Work: Online Deliverables:  Submissions Looking for tutoring? Go to SmarthinkingCollapse All | Expand All Assignment Details Assignment Description A Monte Carlo airs is one vestibule to interseries after a while uncertainly in a firmness. In 2–3 pages, transcribe a Nursing Dissertation that arranges a constructive sense of the Monte Carlo airs (in your own tone but using sustaining references), and arrange an in of how you would use it in a firmness-making series. Multiple read sources should be used and referenced. Use APA format. Please present your assignment. For support after a while your assignment, fascinate use your extract, Web instrument, and all series materials. Other Information There is no joined advice to evince at this season.