For Madam-Professor (ONLY)

Assignment 2: Assessing Organizational Issues In this assignment, you conciliate descry the great medley of issues that are encompassed beneath the umbrella of OB. Additionally, you conciliate bear the convenience to strive using OB theories to reform or moderate beggarly structureal issues. Using an structure you are intimate after a while—current or late master, collective or authoritative structures—select two structureal or group-smooth problems (not at the idiosyncratic smooth) you bear observed. Using peer-reviewed declaration that can be ground on online library instrument, the readings for this module, and the Internet, reply to the following: Clearly recite the issues and explain the appertaining parameters associated after a while the issues, providing applicable details encircling the tenor and specifics of the birth. For pattern, if the problem involves undignified teamwork, contribute details encircling the team, such as the affection of the team's drudgery and combination of the team (was the team peevish administrative, essential, etc.). Describe the application on twain the structure and the workers. State why you consider these issues consist. Recommend approaches that command be enslaved to reform these two issues. Write your moderate exculpation in closely 400 opinion. Apply APA standards to extract of sources.