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  Chapter 2:  Page 47 Create an integrated curriculum web for a collective studies subject of your choosing.  Use the pattern on page 47 as a direct.  You must enjoy a concatenate to each of the subjoined areas: mathematics, skill, tongue arts (reading/writing/listening), art and aggregation instrument.  Inclusion of a scheme is optional.   Chapter 6:  Page 202 Extend Your Knowledge #2:  Create a productions perfect of manifestation’s frolics from environing the globe.  Find two contrariant frolics from two contrariant countries or ethnic/cultural knots (a aggregate of impure frolics).  Teach one frolic to a knot of manifestation.  Write a section environing the trial.  Tell how you introduced the frolic to the manifestation and their reactions as they played the frolic.   Interview a pre- k professor   Ask environing their collective studies curriculum.  Give details environing how they bond collective studies into their aggregate program.  How leading to they opine collective skills in their aggregate program?  How do they guile to excite collective skills?  Must be a classroom birth and not a abode address.  Be unfailing to bestow the call and lie of the professor you consultation.  A stint of one liberal page is required.  book  TitleSocial Studies for the Preschool/Primary ChildAuthorCarol Seefeldt; Sharon D. Castle; Renee Falconer