Review the feature criteria on pages 99-100; 160-161; 561-562 of the DSM-5.  A counselor's own understanding of psychopathology is exceedingly considerable in the feature manage. Using the question consider of "Tina", transcribe a 500-750 promise essay in which you weigh your sentiment manage environing her presenting issues. Grasp the subjoined in your monograph: Discuss the recitative and cross-cultural perspectives of psychopathology that could undeveloped percussion the diagnosis and matter of Tina. After reviewing the distinct diagnoses that could pertain to Tina from the remotest rendering of the DSM, what is your feature percussion? Substantiate your feature percussion delay after a whilehold criteria from the present rendering of the DSM. Discuss how recitative misconceptions of psychopathology could undevelopedly percussion the matter of this client. As deal-out of this argument, you may grasp a diagnosis, any referrals that you would execute, and a unconcealed manage of matter. Include at least five scholarly references in observation to the textbook in your monograph. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines base in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.    Case Study: Tina Tina is a 17-year-old Navajo womanly who is brought into a counselor's appointment for symptoms of lowering; her source has noticed that she is more delaydrawn than habitual and she is frequently observed crying and talking to herself. Through the inobtain?} consultation, the counselor learns that Tina hears voices daily that instruct her to discharge undeniable acts of hygiene (showering, combing her hair, etc.). She aid reveals that she believes these voices to be the fruit of sorcery that her boyfriend is using to guide her. Tina besides propounds that she has used methamphetamines heavily for the departed distinct months. She and her dame ask the counselor to result delay Tina for the lowering, but arrogation that they aim to see a therapeutics man for hearing voices. Where does the counselor initiate delay this client? Tina is plainly demonstrating symptoms of psychoses, yet it is trying to mention what has caused them. Is she experiencing a violent depressive accident delay psychotic features? Have the voices been vital by extravagant refuse use? Alternatively, should the counselor obtain?} into totality the cultural confutation of sorcery and let the therapeutics man exclusively use Tina? This question consider is but one pattern of the way opposed refinements depart in concept of spiritual malady as it presents itself in the counselor's appointment. Viewing clients as destitute of their cultural backgrounds consequently notions of bloom and wellness dispute exceedingly by who is defining them are unethical and impolitic. In manage to be as receptive as likely to a client's lie, counselors must continually deconstruct and be sensible of their own faiths concerning psychopathology. This manage of exploring a faith scheme has been ardent frequent names, one of which is political fabricism (Lemma, 2011). Social fabricism is the concept that existence is formed and defined by the particular test of it; the understandings of any ardent fellowship are continually in flow as trends and comprehension shifts. As such, the concept of psychology changes to converge the needs of each ardent refinement. Ruder & Guterman (2007) propound that "political fabricism is, itself, a political fabric that is frequently changing and question to reconstruction" (p. 387). References Rudes, J. & Guterman, J. (2007). The appreciate of political fabricism for the counseling profession: A rejoinder to Hansen. Journal of Counseling & Development,85(4), 387-392