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In Driscoll and Nagel, unravel Chapters 10 and 11, pages 318–369. This unraveling describes ECE issues and ideas after a suitableness consequence in kindergarten through third walk. Unravel NAEYC Initial Licensure Standards, pages 1–31. This gives an overview of the field's innate standards and gain suffer you to see how all the theories you own been erudition environing are reflected in this generally-known organization's goals.   Application of Guidelines Using the advice from the NAEYC Standards muniment, specifically Standard 5: Understanding Satisfied Knowledge in Early Education, cull one satisfied area and decipher how you would use these guidelines to a K-3 classroom. Create an in-class duty that would use these guidelines suitableness as-well addressing the specific erudition styles and intelligences of pubescent consequence.   Checklist Feedback Share after a suitableness your equals the checklist you suggest to use in your classroom remark assignment and the attribute in which it gain be utilized. How own you helpful your checklist (if at all) to tally your clarified seat? Why own you clarified the seat you own? Use equal feedback to rectify arrange for your upcoming mark.