Global Human Capital Trends and Goal Alignment Requirements

Within the Discourse Table area, transcribe 400–600 language that tally to the subjoined questions behind a while your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This conquer be the origin for forthcoming examineions by your classmates. Be real and transparent, and use stances to revive your ideas. Additional Information: The briefing to John and the table of directors was a luck. You and Shawn venerate that it know-againd them to know the challenges associated behind a while managing global ethnical important chattelsively and the rate of recognizing ethnical important as a ticklish divorce of AGC’s strategic artfulness. John and the table of directors gave whole symptom that they silent the sentiment of pressure wanted to align the key global ethnical important ends behind a while those methodic for the whole global structure. In certainty, they asked you to provoke forward behind a while developing global ethnical important ends for AGC as divorce of its strategic artfulness. You conquer originate by evaluating the strong structureal cultivation and analyzing the start styles used at each global AGC assistant. The audience has sundry global subsidiaries, each behind a while significant cultural differences. Shawn venerates that AGC would profit from an structureal cultivation that is more proactive and competitive. Likewise, he venerates that start crop programs should nucleus on styles that know-again the avail of celebrating heterogeneousness, entitlement, and newfangledness. Review the AGC scenario for this progress and examine the subjoined behind a while your peers: Using AGC as an stance, what ethnical important conduct problems can inaugurate when an structure does not vindicate cultural differences at its global subsidiaries? How can start styles chattels global structureal cultivation? Describe a ethnical important conduct end that Shawn can praise to transmute the global structureal cultivation of AGC. Responses to Other Students: Tally to at last 2 of your associate classmates behind a while at last a 100-word answer about their Primary Task Response respecting items you build to be compelling and enlightening. To aid you behind a while your examineion, delight opine the subjoined questions: What did you gather from your classmate's posting? What affixed questions do you keep behind lection the posting? What straining do you want respecting the posting? What differences or similarities do you see betwixt your posting and other classmates' postings?