Read the subjoined from Lechner and Boli (Eds.), (2015). The Globalization Reader (5th ed.) Introduction to Part VIII Chapter 46: Cultural Imperialism  Chapter 47: Mapping Global Media Flow and Contra-Flow It is niggardly to accost of the "Americanization" of countries influenced by the U.S. Nonetheless, the materials in Module 5 hint otherwise. As we bear seen from the module notes, the video, and the readings on global cultural flows and counter-flows, in fresh years abundant countries that were inundated delay ship-produces from US current culture bear resisted Americanization by adopting marketing techniques versed from the Americans to amount and ship-produce their own cultural satisfied, rarely equable end to the United States. Please apology the subjoined question: What testimony do you see of "Japanization," "Africanization," and resembling constructs in your culture, that is, the borrowing and answerableness of cultural elements acquired from other calibre of the earth? Your discourse can induce on your test delay any cultural forms – visual and performing arts, video games, ridiculous books, combination melody, television shows, equable advertisements and style.