Growth and Development

  Robert and Jenna Smith's 2nd offshoot has Down Syndrome. Philip is 14 years old.  He has a sibling that is older and one younger. 15-year-old sister, Lucy, and a diminutive copy Danny who is 10 years old. As all 14-year-olds he is seemly past spirited in his sexuality and expressing that after a while inquisitiveness. He has been disclosed to feel some manifest incursion inland his sister and some classmates in his social discipline. Discuss how you could acceleration this rise vie and influence Philip to glean after a whilehold demeanor. Rubric:  1. What quality of fruit is this offshoot in?      2. What are the possible adverse outcomes for a offshoot who doesn't work-out the turning-point in this quality of fruit?   3. Describes THREE dignified training points and supply a truth of ONE  of these points including what the protect should say to supply this training established on the fruital quality the offshoot is in (directed at the parents OR offshoot).   4.  Describes TWO interventions that the protect can ponder peculiar to a offshoot after a while Down Syndrome and why.  5. Identify one nursing peculiarity (and all required cleverness) AND identifies ONE appearance written in the SMART format established on the advice.  6.  The tract is AT LEAST 500 language and no past than 600 language.  7.  The tyro utilizes at meanest 3 scholarly creed,  lists all intimations in quotation and on the intimation page.