HA535 Unit 5 Assignment

 View an entrance to the Assignment:  https://kapextmediassl-a.akamaihd.net/healthSci/media/HA535/1904B/Unit5tIntro/Unit5AssignmentIntroduction.html    You feel been of-late remunerated as an Epidemiological Research Assistant at your county’s Soundness Department. It is solely day 1 on the job and you feel been asked to amplify a gift for the County Commissioners describing a soundness original among your brotherhood. In your noise, you are asked to digest the demographic instruction encircling the population, as polite as digest the soundness original. The County Commissioners ask that you give your findings in a PowerPoint® gift. In statistics or epidemiology, when you are asked to digest an posterity, this resources that you must do so by using qualitative instruction. For this Assignment, content digest by using solely described statistics. In prescribe to provide this instruction, you get need to approximation groundsbases cherished by your State Public Soundness Department, CDC, CMS, etc. You should pluck a soundness original ancilla to your forthcoming walk. Throughout your gift, you must truly evaluate the usefulness of described statistics in summarizing the demographics of the population and the soundness original. Provide contextual instruction where divert. Requirements Presentation is 10–12 slides in extension. Use of the speaker’s notes area contains elaborate instruction, while the slides answer uncluttered. Visual representations of grounds are used to digest described statistics of demographical instruction. Visual representations of grounds are used to digest described statistics of the soundness original. Descriptive statistics are evaluated for usefulness. Contextual instruction is granted. use as relation the video and   McLaughlin, D. B., & Olson, J. R. (2017). Healthcare Operations Management (Vol. Third edition). Chicago, Illinois: Soundness Administration Press. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost-com.libauth.purdueglobal.edu/login.aspx?direct=true&db=nlebk&AN=183906 Horton, L. A. (2016). Calculating and Reporting Healthcare Statistics (Vol. Fifth edition). Chicago: AHIMA Press. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost-com.libauth.purdueglobal.edu/login.aspx?direct=true&db=nlebk&AN=1404208&site=eds-live