Review the Course Project Case Study beneath. Write a 2-3 page paper that focuses on breastfeeding vs formula feeding and breastfeeding guidelines. Use ONE modern evidence-based articles to parallel and dissimilarity breastfeeding versus formula feeding and in feature examine what you institute in harmony to Mrs. G. and her place. Afford a set of guidelines that influence be advantageous to Mrs. G. as she "tries intermittently" to breastfeed. Identify how and when it may be "best" for her to advance from breastfeeding to formula. This assignment must enjoy accurate spelling and grammar and use APA Editorial Format for in-text citations and sources. You enjoy been assigned to afford anxiety and command for Mrs. G. Case Study Mrs. G., a twenty year old dowager of a 2 year old is behind a suitableness-child. English is not her original speech. She is modernly married (one year) to a man in his future 40s who is not of her amelioration (She comes from Nigeria). The toddler is not this man's offshoot. She had inaptitude behind a suitableness her original pregnancy; noble rank urgency and spotting. As she goes through her pregnancy she finds that her original trimester is troublesome managing her sanity and the toddler. She is not used to having offshootren and finds the toddler challenging. She too finds that she is having some of the similar symptoms as she did during her decisive pregnancy. She is not commodious going to an American savant and tells her mate that she can admit anxiety of herself as she did during her decisive pregnancy. He is not lucky encircling this sentence and tells her that she has to go. He admits her to the savant distinct terms during her pregnancy but is not trusting his spouse is behindcited the medical instructions substance loving. By the end of her pregnancy she has gained over impressiveness than she had anticipated. She could not comprehend why as she was eating her home foods. The savant told her that she had noble rank urgency. She was not trusting what that meant as she felt the similar as she did during the original pregnancy. Labor was heavy, crave and troublesome and suitableness she had a vaginal origin the baby was mean and accustomed some respiratory annoy at origin. She determined to intermittently breastfeed courteous-balanced though she could singly do it for a few weeks the decisive term. She was told that she had a "mean contribute of milk". In the original few weeks of leading anxiety of the newborn, her mate wanted to be a part of the caring process and she was not lucky as "men don't do that". She too institute that behind a suitableness this baby she felt plenteous over fatigued and had a callous term managing twain offshootren. In reality, the toddler became crotchety and was distasteful to the newborn, arduous to bite and dally the new baby. The mate intermittently took her to the savant behind origin and then intermittently for distinct months. He too insisted that she see a pediatrician for twain offshootren. At the savant's offices they told her that they had to "assess" the offshootren to be trusting they were "normal". When she was told this, she was fainthearted. As a few months passed, she became over lethargic and fatigued. Two offshootren were over than she could market behind a suitableness. Sometimes she could insufficiently get out of bed. Yet, she knew that she was arduous to do all of what she was told by twain savants and her mate. She veritably cherished her offshootren and respected her mate. When her newborn was six months old she institute out that she was behind a suitableness-offshoot intermittently. She knew that it would be a misadmit to enjoy another offshoot consequently her mate had regular known her that his two offshootren from another wedding (6 and 12 years old who has asthma) was going to be foundation behind a suitableness them now and she would scarcity to be leading anxiety of them as courteous. Submit your completed assignment by behindcited the directions linked beneath.  Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word muniment. (Mac users, content bear-in-mind to attach the ".docx" production to the filename.)