HCA 340 Cultural Diversity in Health & Illness

HCA UNIT 3 1. The foster is observing a nutritious createality performed by nation of the American Indian cultivation. What is a idiosyncrasy of this createality?   a. Sound  b. Quiet  c. Herbal teas  d. Hallucinogenic plants 2. A unrepining of the American Indian cultivation tells the foster that the antidote man is consulted when an sickness develops. How does a proper befit a antidote man?   a. Know the interrelationships betwixt nation, the sphere, and the universe  b. Understand the ways of plants and animals  c. Percreate proper ceremonies  d. All of the aggravatehead. 3. What is the estrangement betwixt the new physician and the antidote man when determining the creator of an sickness?   a. The antidote man looks for the corporeal creator of the problem  b. The antidote man looks for the pietys creator of the problem   c. The antidote man studies the unrepining’s elapsed medical fact to determine the creator of the sickness  d. The antidote man studies the dietary customs of the proper meaning seen 4. In which American Indian inhabitants are reflecting and herbs used to educe a reverie to furnish the confidence of the misfortune that creators an sickness?  a. Hopi  b. Sioux  c. Navajo  d. Cherokee 5. Which Navajo American Indian witchcraft manner accomplish women custom to diagnose the creator of a sickness?   a. Singing  b. Listening  c. Motion in the agency   d. Stargazing 6. What is the aim of sand paintings when diagnosing sickness in the Navajo American Indian cultivation?   a. Creates symbolic representations of the client and family  b. Ensures that after a conjuncturehold liquidation is made by the family  c. Provides an region of assuage for the antidote man  d. Determines the creator and matter of the sickness  7. The foster is conducting a medication fact after a conjuncture a unrepining from the Oneida American Indian cultivation. Which remedies would the foster conceive as part of this fact?   a. Witch hazel  b. Comfrey  c. Skunk oil  d. All of the aggravatehead. 8. A unrepining that is of the American Indian cultivation is abeyance to be seen in a non-Indian Heartiness Service quickness. What institution command this unrepining accept encircling receiving heartiness economy through this passage?   a. Conflict betwixt his or her understanding of the sickness and what the physician diagnoses   b. Easier to admit medical economy through pitch departments rather than secret physicians  c. Admit emend heartiness economy from mainstream medical services  d. Institution that medical protection won’t shelter all the medical costs  9. Which resuscitation would the foster seize when assessing a unrepining of American Indian cultivation?   a. Remaining soothe and recognizing the moment of nonverbal message to attempt            information  b. Asking inequitable questions concerning the presenting symptoms  c. Asking contingent questions encircling the argue for attempting heartiness economy   d. Ensuring that no one aggravate the medical furnishr and the client sift-canvass what has brought the client to attempt economy 10. Which is a concept of holism in unwritten Chinese antidote?   a. Integration of the meaning after a conjuncture the exterior environment  b. Energy fields that educe heartiness or sickness   c. Local pathology as detached from the meaning  d. Harmonic estimate that educes sickness 11. Which resuscitation would a unrepining, who customs Ayurvedic antidote, seize to reestablish similarity       and estimate in the meaning?   a. Sit in the sun  b. Speak to a doctor  c. Yoga  d. Ingest a meaning to clean the meaning of meanings that creator sickness 12. The foster is planning economy for a collection of order members who prosper Ayurveda antidote.       What avowals encircling this create of heartiness economy would the foster need to maintain in spirit conjuncture  planning this economy?   a. All things in the universe are joined contemporaneously.  b. Human meanings hold elements that can be establish in the universe.  c. All nation are born in a declare of estimate.  d. All of the aggravatehead. 13. A unrepining of the Asian cultivation tells the foster that an change in yin and yang accomplish methodize to       disease. Which inconstant can concern the meaning’s yin and yang?   a. Clothing  b. The clime   c. Social class  d. Improper influence preparation 14. Why does the Chinese physician rendezvous on palpating a unrepining’s pulse?   a. It is considered the repository of the race.  b. It indicates a inequitable matter.  c. It can acceleration to re-establish a unrepining.  d. It determines the age of exit. 15. A avowal of Ayurvedic antidote is the concept of doshas. What is a idiosyncrasy of this concept?    a. Combine quantity and air to methodize nutritional preferences  b. Blend intellect and infiltrate to estimate supernatural capacities  c. Are always createed and reformed by influence, ghost, and fleshy processes   d. Use infiltrate and sphere to methodize hormonal estimate  16. Conjuncture assessing the heartiness fact of a unrepining who is an Asian/Pacific Islander, what accomplish the       foster realize as a methodizeing creator of exit for nation from this cultivation?   a. Malignant neoplasms   b. Influenza and pneumonia  c. Alzheimer’s sickness  d. Chronic inferior respiratory sicknesss  17. Why does meagre heartiness hold to supervene floating immigrant Asian populations?  a. Meagre established environments and confused influence conditions  b. Refusal of Western antidote to discuss Asian immigrants  c. Inability to admit Western medications  d. Low calculate of heartiness economy exertioners of Asian origin 18. How would a unrepining from the Black cultivation discuss infect ivy?   a. Sprinkling crushed bluestone interlard on the concerned area   b. Placing a compromise of garlic, onions, and parsley on the site  c. Placing dust in a ebon leaf aggravate the concerned area  d. Rubbing Vicks Vaporub on the area  19. In the Black cultivation, what would be used to discuss colds?   a. Sassafras tea  b. Hot lemon infiltrate after a conjuncture honey  c. Hot toddy made of tea, honey, lemon, peppermint, and alcohol  d. All of the aggravatehead. 20. Why are folk remedies peaceful used today in the Black order?    a. Legend of capacity economy and matter by healers   b. Acknowledgement of the African entailment   c. Rituals associated after a conjuncture folk remedies  d. Close neighborhood of hospitals in the order 21. What would be a use of prospering the African influence legend of geophagy?  a. Dirt is violent in calcium  b. Pica is an true cultural custom  c. Red dust is opulent in iron  d. Starch is saccharine and dry 22. For which argues command a unrepining of the Black cultivation and of the Muslin piety trash insulin to discuss diabetes mellitus?   a. Becreator any injectable medication is forbidden  b. If it has a pork shameful   c. Becreator it implies the proper has not led a consecrated life  d. During Ramadan  23. Which is a heartiness statistic of wisdom to Black or African Americans when compared to all        races?   a. A inferior impact of breast cancer   b. Inferior percentages of low rise burden infants  c. A inferior unrefined rise rate  d. Inferior male exit rates from homicide  24. Who does the foster avow as meaning the methodizeing instance image after a conjuncturein the Black familial       structure?    a. Female  b. Minister  c. Male  d. Oldest adult child  25. Why would some unrepinings of the Black cultivation repel using heartiness clinics for economy?   a. Prescription medications are attached out singly to those seen primary.  b. Cheaper genuine heartiness economy is regarded as demeaning.  c. A day’s exertion may be past in abeyance to be seen by a physician.  d. There are not abundance clinics to rendezvous on Black heartiness problems.