Health and Human Services

  Activity 7 Health and Human Services  A association impost begins delay a basic windshield inspect where each association subsystem is explored.  Heartiness and political services are media certain to detain and improve the heartiness and welfare of living-souls and families.  Click on the Enter Sentinel City® continue your essential experiment by entrance a bus excursion of Sentinel City®.  Since this is your second excursion, affect frank to appropriate any bus hasten and/or get off the bus at any age to tramp environing.  As you receive the excursion, transcribe down your observations, specifically focused on the subjoined subsystems: heartiness and political services.  Meet delay Mayor Hill to sift-canvass the subsystems: Heartiness and Human Services.  Compile your observations and any demographic instruction addressing each part listed in the earliest shaft of the rubric.  You are encouraged to add other apt characteristics you behold that may not be listed in the earliest shaft as you full this energy.  Reading and Resources Harkness & DeMarco (2016) Read Chapters 4 & 5 Visit World Heartiness Organization - Determinants of Health Visit Healthy People 2020 Determinants of Health Visit Healthy People 2020 Objectives Visit Health Disparities Find the heartiness rankings for the county where your exercise culture place is located by visiting: “Health Rankings for Your State & County"  Watch the Levels of Prevention Video  Additional Instructions: All submissions should bear a inscription page and intimation page. Utilize a incompleteness of two conversant media. Adhere to grammar, spelling and punctuation criteria. Adhere to APA ductility guidelines. Adhere to the selected Submission Option for Delivery of Energy guidelines. Submission Options: Choose One: Instructions: Paper 1 to 2-page tractate. Include inscription and intimation pages Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Levels of Prevention