Health Care Case Mod 1

   ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW Apply your creativity and what you erudite from the SLP assignment on "Health Literacy" to cause a flyer, bin, or Nursing Dissertation on 1-2 PowerPoint slides to instruct the exoteric on a soundness progeny of your cherished. Use one of the predicament studies from the CDC website at or the Ad Council website at to rebel off a hostilities that raises awareness for this progeny. Be positive to include images. Click on the linked PowerPoint tutorial to collect grave basics, and resurvey and bookmark the forthcoming websites for Word tutorials: PowerPoint grafting courses, videos and tutorials PowerPoint 2013 PowerPoint 2010 Word for Mac Training Assignment Expectations Develop a flyer, bin, or Nursing Dissertation by placing its space on 1 or 2 PowerPoint slides. Be intellectual and use images and a multiformity of formats demonstrated in the linked PowerPoint tutorial. Remember to use the principles of soundness literacy and despatch as you clear your willing.