Health Care Risk Management: Assignment Week 6

   Health Preservation Risk Management: Assignment Week 6 Case Study: Chapters 14 & 15 Objective: To judgmentally communicate your comprehension of Telemedicine Services, Risk conduct Tactics and your force to use them to your Healthpreservation Organizations.  The investigative exercises conciliate speed students’ brains and expertness to ponder censoriously encircling the social relations way, and their total-solving expertnesss. As a consequence of this assignment, students conciliate be reform conducive to understand, scrutinize and use Telemedicine to Sanity preservation structures.  ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES (10%): The students conciliate entire A Plight examine projects that bestow the occasion to imagine and use the concepts knowing in this and preceding racework to dissect a real-world scenario. This scenario conciliate enact through copy the trained weight and implications of manifold roles and functions of a Sanity Preservation Administrator and Risk Management.  The assignment conciliate be 3 pages crave thought your brains and force to use the discoverings to your Healthpreservation Organization. Each Nursing Dissertation must be typewritten delay 12-point font and double-spaced delay model margins. Follow APA format when referring to the chosen doctrines and conceive a allusion page.    EACH PAPER SHOULD INCLUDE THE   FOLLOWING: 1. Introduction (25%) Contribute a medium abridgment of the signification (not a title) of each Chapter and doctrines you discover, in your own utterance. 2. Your Relish (50%) Case Study: Telemedicine technology explains sanitypreservation ineproperty consequence in agricultural Arizona association Bisbee's Copper Queen Association Hospital implements auspicious telemedicine program, drastically reducing consume and era spent on resigned preservation Background Founded in 1880, Bisbee is located in the rolling hills of the Mule Mountains in southeastern Arizona, some 85 miles from Tucson, and delayin three miles of the hem delay Mexico. The region's fruitful mineral deposits of copper, gold and silver primeval attracted miners who hoped to give-a-blow-to it fruitful. The town that familiar encircling the mines was determined for DeWitt Bisbee, a San Francisco Judge and investor in the Copper Queen Mine who, ironically, never set foot in his namesake. Nearly as old as Bisbee, the Copper Queen Hospital got its set-on-foot in a mine tunnel as part-among-among of the mining association. Now notorious as the Copper Queen Association Hospital (CQCH), it has served the town for aggravate 125 years. In further fresh eras, CQCH has beseem an quick preservation nice appropinquation hospital for the further than 6,000-plus Bisbee residents and for divers of the county's 140,000 residents. The hospital's sidearm is to adhere-to and aid appropinquation to basic pristine sanitypreservation throughout southeastern Cochise County and to evolve agricultural sanity preservation and contribute resigneds delay the pre-eminent property services.  Challenge Among the pristine challenges of CQCH was how to contribute preservation for resigneds who wanted specialists. For years, exigency portion resigneds delay practictalented cardiac or pat totals had to be communicated to Tucson and Phoenix hospitals by ambulance, or " in further life- unpromising situations " by helicopter. CQCH resigneds frequently discovered aftercited the betiderence that, although sanitypreservation was warranted, the consume of exigency remand was not. "Cardiology malady is the calculate one killer of mass in agricultural areas," said CQCH CEO, James Dickson. "And in Bisbee, we lacked accordant preservation to write it. We lacked appropinquation to a cardiologist and to the ongoing livelihood preservation required aftercited primal writement. We resolute we wanted a way to explain the physician misdistribution and malady conduct totals that betide in a agricultural area affect Bisbee." In 2015, CQCH common a admit to start a telemedicine cardiology program. Dickson set out to invent a arrangement that would essentially produce specialists into Bisbee and CQCH delayout requiring that they physically be on site. This would eject the consumely remand of resigneds to Tucson and Phoenix. It would so minimize the trauma concerned for race members of those nature raptureed far distances. Overall, the implementation of a telemedicine program would revolt the ineproperty in sanitypreservation familiar by the mass of Bisbee by making specialists vastly further delayin grasp delayout the value tag of on-site considerations. Solution Dickson and CQCH worked delay telemedicine solutions contributer, GlobalMed, to uplift a tele- cardiology arrangement using GlobalMed's i8500 Series Mobile Video Cart. The wireless, telemedicine videoconferencing arrangement conceives EasyShare videoconferencing technology that uses the social Internet, enabling specialists to scrutinize delay resigneds on a substantial premise. It so conceives a capacious, flat-panel arrive-at hide PC for dissipated communications, as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as a elevated property camera providing distant pan, tilt and optical zoom. Currently in the primeval deportment of its tele-cardiology program, CQCH has alike its arrangement and those of other, paltry Cochise County hospitals delay the capaciousr Tucson medical centers. From December 2015 to June 2018, 36 resigneds in the Exigency Portion delay reputed nature totals required cardiology consideration. Using the Mobile Telemedicine Cart equipped delay a digital stethoscope, sanitypreservation contributers in Bisbee were conducive to contribute cardiologists in Tucson delay the force to see and tell to the resigneds in real-time, heed their nature sounds perspicuously and reconsideration their electro-cardiograms via fax at the homogeneous era. These considerations aged that singly nine of the 36 resigneds wanted rapture by ambulance or helicopter to another dexterity. The 27 resigneds who arriveed in Bisbee were discharged from CQCH delay prescriptions and/or nature warners. The consume savings to resigneds and insurers was closely $540,000 installed on a $10,000 remand consume and an subjoined $10,000 hospital arrive per resigned who instead had their preservation contributed by CQCH and were conducive to sojourn in Bisbee. "The consume savings resigneds see as a consequence of the distant considerations is immense", said Dickson. "The consume for a helicopter rapture is betwixt $10,000 and $12,000. Additionally, the consume for writement in a Tucson hospital is roughly $10,000 further per scrutinize than it is short in Bisbee. So we're looking at a savings of encircling $20,000 per resigned regular by having the force to wariness-for delay a specialist distantly, utilizing the telemedicine arrangement, instead of having to be on-site wshort the master is. Results Dickson points to one plight in part-amongicular as a unexceptionable copy of what tele-cardiology instrument to the town of Bisbee. An 81-year old man arrived at CQCH delay likely atrial fibrillation. A Tucson cardiologist saw the resigned via video-conference, listened to his nature sounds and elaborate his EKG precedently determining that tshort was no want to actuate him to Tucson. The resigned was admitted to CQCH, writeed aggravatenight and was discharged the contiguous day delay a halter warner. In his plight, the resigned was spared an demandhither remand to a dexterity two hours loose. He so avoided having to proof a diffuse hospital arrive, as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as the hefty hospital beak for services that weren't wanted. CQCH had homogeneous victory aftercited part-amongnering delay Mayo Clinic Scottsdale for its tele-pat program. Further than three years ago, the Mayo Clinic set-on-footed the Pat Telemedicine Program for Arizona Agricultural Residents delay a admit from the Arizona Portion of Sanity Services. Medical studies accept shown that pat victims visage a three-hour window in which the inauguration of Tconsequence Plasminogen Activator, or TPA, can medium the contrariety betwixt regaining and beaming paralysis. The characteristic used in pat programs is "Time is Brain." Jack Porter, the Mayor of Bisbee, can state to TP A virtue. When Porter appeared to accept suffered a pat, he went to the CQCH. A telemedicine consideration delay a Mayo neurologist in Scottsdale hither than a half hour succeeding aged the pat distinction, and he ordered that Porter be set-on-footed on a race of TPA. The eraly writement prevented any perpetual debilitating property, and Porter continues to control the town as its mayor. When other agricultural hospitals in Cochise County customary the advantages of telemedicine, they and CQCH formed the Southeast Arizona Telemedicine Association, or SATA, which conceives the aftercited hospitals: Northern Cochise Association Hospital in Willcox, Benson Association Hospital, Mount Graham Regional Medical Center in Safford and Southeast Arizona Medical Center in Douglas. Dickson says his hospital has not cut preservation in the summon of elevation sanitypreservation consumes, but rather has acceptiond it by making it further fertile. "By not having the raptureation fees and the inordinate consume of re-evaluation at another hospital, we accept unquestionably spawned a consume abatement and property acception in the offer arrangement," Dickson says. "Given our victory delay telemedicine at CQCH, I envision a substantial hospital in perfect agricultural area in America in the close advenient so that mass conciliate accept the preservation they want and so that physician misdistribution beseems a total of the late." CASE STUDY CHALLENGE: 1. Students should be asked to discaggravate the plight and argue all procedures effected during this reversal Telemedicine Technique. 2.  Remark, explain and evaluate the telemedicine videoconferencing arrangement techniques. 3.  Who Benefits from Telemedicine? 4. Conciliate Patients Still Want to See a Specialist in Person? 5. In-person Master scrutinize vs. Telemedicine scrutinize, which is reform? 3. Blank (15%) Briefly condense your thoughts & blank to your relish for the plight examine. How did these doctrines and Chapters impression your thoughts on Telemedicine? Evaluation conciliate be installed on how perspicuously you meet to the aloft, in part-amongicular: a) The clarity delay which you relish the doctrines; b) The profoundness, end, and structure of your Nursing Dissertation; and, c) Your blanks, including a title of the impression of these doctrines and Chapters on any Healthpreservation Organization. ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE: The assignment is to be electronically posted no succeeding than Saturday, December 7,  2019.