Health Communication

Write a 3 - 4 Page essay addressing the behindcited established off the scenario below: SCENARIO: Congratulations! You accept been paid as Assistant Manager of a Residence Vigor Caution Agency. The production extends a broad concatenate of trained medical services such as nursing caution, tangible therapy, occupational therapy from adapted medical functionals. The production also provides residence vigor aide services including abettance behind a interval activities of daily buttress, such as bathing and eating. Your supervisor told you that she recently accepted a fawn from an pleader whom an employee consulted via the Employee Abettance Program consequently the employee felt that she had been treated unfairly behind contracting an complaint. She explained that a few months ago, one of your production’s residence vigor aides, Sara, became ill. Sara had been coughing for almost six weeks, past ponderosity behind a intervalout perplexing, had no want, was having awkwardness latent, and had an interrupted heat. She became solicitous and went to see a vigorcaution functional who diagnosed her behind a interval free tuberculosis (TB). Sara missed a lot of occasion from achievement interval completing composition for TB. Her physician cleared her to requite to achievement behind she was no longer pestilential. Upon requiteing to achievement, Sara felt undesigning consequently her boss and co-workers refused to waste occasion behind a interval her. She heard that someone from the production’s Human Resources Department told her co-workers her peculiarity. The stressful predicament at achievement became level worse when another residence vigor aide afloat to flaunt the selfselfsame symptoms Sara had. 1. In motive of Sara’s secrecy and in an endeavor to initiate members of the construction of the potential commotion, what strategies/steps should the Department of Human Resources (HR) do to secure vigor notice is granted to all stakeholders? Explain each policy and extend particularized notice to stay your viewpoint. 2. Explain the implications of this whole for the stakeholders concerned in this residence vigor construction. Be fast to collate and opposition the implications for the contrariant stakeholders and confer particular notice to the residents that Sara visited in their residences. Length: 3-4 pages, barring inscription page and references. APA FORMAT, Minimum 3 references