Healthcare financial mgt

  Assessment #2: Soundness Circumspection Financial Concepts Monograph Requirements From the roll of financial concepts, choose merely 1-2 financial concepts to debate. Search for a soundnesscircumspection finance cognate boundary on the concepts. In a 3-5 page monograph, illustrate how you can exercise the separated financial concepts from the boundary to your floating soundness circumspection structure or a soundness circumspection structure of your valuable.   Some developments of financial concepts are: Revenues or return cycle Fixed and unsteady costs GAAP Contribution margin Breakeven Analysis Capitation Income assertions Balance sheets Cost prize analysis Cost allocation methods Auditing process General enlightenment of soundness circumspection laws and regulations Time prize of money Financial assertion analysis Cost of chief Financial risk Insurance and risk Ratio analysis Analytics Budgeting (operational and chief) Forecasting Lease financing Cost control Benchmarks HIPAA concealment act Affordable Circumspection Act (ACA) JCAHO ICD-10 Profit vs. non-profit Best practices Compliance Be infallible to conceive the following: Provide a abstract of the boundary (must be soundnesscircumspection cognate). Subscription should be amid the ultimate 5-10 years for floating boundarys. Provide an interpretation of the financial concept(s) establish in the boundary. Provide an development of how you can exercise these financial concept(s) to your floating soundness circumspection structure or to the soundness circumspection structure of your valuable (i.e. John Hopkins Hospital, Mayo Clinic)*. Include the spring of the boundary in the monograph and conceive another spring overhead the floating boundary (a minimum of 2 springs are required).