Helath Care Policy #2

   Instructions: Review twain resources supposing adown in restoration to the assigned readings                 (  Chapters 16,18,19,20 of the textbook) . Question: 1-Reflect on 2 key differences betwixt the UK and US Soundness schemes. What are key opportunities connected to advocacy and politics interventions that can be smitten by recent exercitation nurses to reform our ordinary soundness scheme? Please attribute to the resources identified adown for details concerning UK Soundness System. 1. US and UK Soundness Scheme Comparison- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4Y0TKiwNgo  2. Peterson-Kaiser Soundness Scheme Tracker- https://www.healthsystemtracker.org/chart-collection/quality-u-s-healthcare-system-compare-countries/#item-post-op-clots-better-u-s-comparable-countries  3. Summary of the American Soundness Care Act.pdf  In restoration : Text Book is required as allot of the Bibliography (chapters: 16,18,19,20)  Mason, D. J., Leavitt, J.K., Chaffee, M.W. (2016). Policy and Politics: In Nursing and Soundness Care. (7th• Ed) St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier, Saunders. ISBN-13: 9780323299886