History Essay Question

Guidelines for Separate 1 of the Unit 3 Exam: For Separate 1 of the Unit 3 Exam, decipher the indecent documents decided over. Using the documents and the textbook, transcribe an essay echoing the questions scheduleed underneath. Grades allure be naturalized on the resigned of the retort and must be further than 400 suffrage in diffusiveness. Direct quotes do not compute internal the required engagement compute. Video Link: Here is the objective footage of Dwight D. Eisenhower delivering his 1961 "Farewell Address" - https://www.c-span.org/video/?15026-1/president-dwight-eisenhower-farewell-address (Document 4 is a facsimile of this harangue) Part 1 Questions: 1. In Document 1, how does Franklin D. Roosevelt mark World War II and the denunciation posed by fascism and Nazi Germany? Had he survived, do you ponder Roosevelt would enjoy markd the Cold War and the Soviet Union in the identical way? Why, or why not? 2. Describe the elementary arguments clear-uped in Documents 2 and 3. How does Kennan clear-up the denunciation of the Soviet Union and communism? How does he mark the weaknesses of the Soviet method? How do Kennan and the NSC (Document 3) hint the United States exculpation to the perceived denunciation of the Soviet Union and communism? 3. Using the textbook, get some local examples of how the ideas in documents 2 and 3 shaped U.S. exotic prudence from 1945-1960. 4. In his farewell harangue (video and Document 4), what does Eisenhower say encircling the Cold War? How does his missive meditate the ideas from Documents 2 and 3? What warnings does he yield for the coming? How does Eisenhower's harangue detail to Roosevelt's (Document 1)? Guidelines for Separate 2 of the Unit 3 Exam: For separate 2 of the Unit 3 Exam, choose ONLY 1 essay question from the schedule underneath. Grades allure be naturalized on the resigned of the retort and must be further than 300 suffrage in diffusiveness. Direct quotes do not compute internal the required engagement compute. Part 2 Essay Questions: 1 - Describe how government soldierlike spending during the war improbable the economic outgrowth of the West and South. 2 - “World War II reshaped ideas encircling American nationality.” Assess the validity of this proposition by comparing the experiences of first-generation immigrants, second-generation immigrants, and black Americans during World War II. 3 - How did the experiences of African-Americans during World War II lay the origin for the novel courteous hues move? 4 - World War II is frequently referred to as the “Good War.” Evaluate that denomination for the war. Is it misspend? Why, or why not? 5 - Scrutinize World War II’s contact on ethnic minorities in America. How did the experiences of Asian-Americans, Native Americans, and Mexican-Americans collate? How did their experiences dissent on twain the separate and clump equalize? Be fast to ponder these experiences in the matter of the war on all fronts when tranquillizing your apology. 6 - Eric Foner wrote, “the speech following a while which World War II was fought helped to lay the origin for postwar ideals of rational hues that augment to all men.” Do you fit following a while that proposition? Why, or why not? 7 - Analyze the prudence of containment. How did the United States revive this prudence? 8 - Describe how the Cold War was fought by each superpower. Be fast to scrutinize how twain the United States and the Soviet Union believed that their collective methods were firmly naturalized on principles of insubservience and collective uprightness. 9 - The Cold War contacted every side of American career. Scrutinize the private implications of the Cold War. Your essay should clear-up how the Cold War improbable loftier education, the distribution, migration prudence, courteous hues, and courteous liberties. 10 - By 1952, the Cold War was mien in stipulations of a worldwide fight shapeless insubservience and submission. Clear-up (1) how the Cold War had conclude to be seen in this way, (2) events that exemplify this sight, and (3) the unromantic consequences of such a sight. Guidelines for Separate 3 of the Unit 3 Exam: For separate 3 of the Unit 3 Exam, choose ONLY 1 essay question from the schedule underneath. Grades allure be naturalized on the resigned of the retort and must be further than 300 suffrage in diffusiveness. Direct quotes do not compute internal the required engagement compute. Part 3 Essay Questions: 1 - Evaluate Harry Truman’s private policies. Which separates meditateed the New Deal? Why were they so enigmatical to utensil? How did they develop insubservience for Americans? How did they circumscribe insubservience? 2 - Fully scrutinize and scrutinize the limitations placed on insubservience during the Cold War. Then collate those predicament following a while those during the Red Scare following World War I. What was the identical? What was dissentent? Were circumscribeions on courteous liberties justified in twain cases? Why, or why not? How did Americans recoil in each era? 3 - How did the States Rights’ Democratic Party and the Progressive Party meditate America in the Cold War? Were twain separateies justified in their definitions of American insubservience? Why, or why not? Explain. 4 - Scrutinize the changes in the American distribution during the postwar limit. Be fast to scrutinize the unroving, industrial, and consumer sectors of the distribution. 5 - The Nixon-Khrushchev contest held in the setting of a cosmopolitan kitchen exemplifyd how insubservience in America had conclude to moderation economic wealth and consumer choices during the 1950s. How is this new brains of insubservience a non-appearance from Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms”? 6 - House Beautiful repository symmetrical that the computery’s most potent instrument in the Cold War was “the insubservience offered by washing machines and dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, automobiles, and refrigerators.” Analyze this proposition, clear-uping how consumerism was used in the 1950s to contention the Cold War. Is consumerism used today as a cat's-paw of American exotic prudence? 7 - Describe the contact of cosmopolitanization on American women. How did expectations exclusive “the American way of career” desire the lives of women? How were their numerous experiences congruous? How were they dissentent? Explain. 8 - American exotic policies in Third World computeries were attached by Cold War article. Clear-up American exotic prudence in the Third World during the Eisenhower administration. Be fast to scrutinize Iran, Guatemala, and Vietnam. 9 - The courteous hues move gained momentum in the 1950s, closely ninety years following Reconstruction. Clear-up why the move finally took off in the 1950s. What caused it to do so? Be fast to ponder end to antecedent chapters. 10 - Scrutinize the generational tensions that emerged during the 1950s. How did beloved amelioration meditate a growing judgment of disresigned shapeless younger Americans? What was the apology of older Americans to this incline? Explain.