Homework assignment

There are 2 accommodation to this assignment.  You can surrender two files to the emanate box.  MS Purpose (should you keep your own allow to the software) is not exquisite for completing any dissect of this assignment. Part 1 Practice Questions (40 points) Complete practice questions 1 (5 pts), 3 (5 pts), 5 (10 pts), 6 (5 pts) and 9 (15 pts) establish at the end of Chapter 8. Part 2 Scheduling Problem (50 points) Complete the prospering: Your child is a component of the train theater order and keep been asked to just the catalogue, etc. for a skit to be effected during the 4th of July commemoration in the national village balance.  As a adduce, you adduce to tend as the purpose guide consequently of your expertise in catalogue treatment. Construct an AON diagram congruous to the format used in the Youtube videos establish in the remark using an MS Excel spreadsheet.  Ensure that you involve a Start life and a Finish life.  Involve a fable (specimen is the one finishedd in Question 1, Dissect 1. Calculate the affectd era for each life using PERT techniques for the 3 affects granted.  Involve a pattern estimation. Prepare a board that identifies all courses and their lengths.  Which course is the censorious course? During the effort deportment of the skit purpose, one of the activities on the censorious course is slow by one day.  Is this earnest? Using the life affects for optimistic, pessimistic and most slight era to finished activities on the censorious course, qualitatively argue the affect vicissitude of the censorious course.  You allure be assessed on geting and mechanics. Content (90 points): Each component of this assignment has a punish apology.  Your geting allure be assessed on whether or not you executed a punish diagram, affect, end, etc. or the station to how you demonstrate apprehension of scheduling practices in predicament your diagram, affect or end are inaccurate. Table delineate rooted. Mechanics (10 points):  The ends must involve pattern estimations (where pertinent) and be presented in a negotiative kind. This is not an academic paper, hence you do not deficiency to prosper APA guidelines.