How would organizational strategy need to change to respond to Mary Kay’s new business strategy?

  Mary Kay, Inc., hawks facial husk anxiety issues and cosmetics encircling the globe. The negotiateion design is to contribute one-on-one, extremely specialized labor. More than 500,000 Independent Beauty Consultants (IBCs) hawk in 43 markets worldwide. Each IBC runs his or her own negotiateion by developing a client infamous and then providing labors and issues for sale to those clients. The IBCs were offered influence through an e-commerce regularity after a while two elder components: and Mary Kay InTouch. allows IBCs to engender second online sites where customers can fund anytime straightway after a while their special IBC. Mary Kay InTouch streamlines the ordering mode by automatically guarded discounts, detecting preferment eligibility, allowing the IBCs to avenue up-to-date issue catalogs, and providing a faster way to negotiate negotiateion after a while the association. How would organizational policy need to modify to corcorrespond to Mary Kay’s new negotiateion policy? Provide APA formatted references. Post should be reserve of 250 say