Hurricane Katrina Case Read page 7 (attached) Put yourself in the Guardsman’s shoes. Answer the question, “what would you do and why? Apply 4 pages (double spaced) paper on your choice while describing the ethics of this case.

Review 1.3.1 "The Hurricane Katrina Case" on page 7. Put yourself in the Guardsman's shoes. Answer the open inquiry, "what would you do and why"? Adduce any advice from your decisive seven assignments and transcribe a four page (wrap spaced) tractate on your excellent conjuncture describing the ethics of this contingency. You may use any advice that you previously used in your assignments to invent this tractate. The motive of this assignment is to assess aggregate instruction of succession embodied. ➡️*****PLEASE DONT ACCEPT UNLESS YOUR WILLING TO READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION. *******NOTE PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW⬇️***** ➡️Read PG 7-8 devotion environing Guardsman’s shoes. ➡️ Also scan through the principal chapters of this toil. (It’s not too considerable) it examine power, ethics, philanthropy, and other key stipulations kindred to philosophy and intellectual rule. I’ll add the couple to the toil. You possess to delineation and paste the couple to entrance the mater coupleed to this assignment. ➡️ 4 pages wrap spaced ➡️please use ancient toil and picture ethics in this feature contingency domiciled off the advice in the toil. ➡️Philosophy collocate (Philosophy 202) ➡️No plagiarism ➡️See devotion for pages 7-8 to peruse the anecdote environing Katrina ➡️Look in the toil for the stipulations Deal, mold or dispose. How does any of these adduce to this anecdote. Choose one or past. You career. **************➡️ Couple to toil⬇️***************