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  Your jobs: You are a negotiative concern consultant.  Transcribe the recital designated for in the Mountainside Industries reality presented on the direct page. As your latest assignment, is the most significant one.  It achieve be evaluated according to how courteous it conforms to the structure patterns antecedently discussed and how negotiative the despatches itself is.   All talents of the citation mentioned in the antecedent assignments are applicable hither -- subject section powerful what and what enjoin, subject-affect subheadings, structured sections, and zealous sentences. Please silence carefully the job you are substance assigned, and besides the mood.  You should not repeat or summarize the notification fond in the reality denomination past the individual you're despatches to plainly knows all environing it already -- in reality she's the one who told it to you.  Just nucleus on giving her instruction environing what to do now. Note besides that this is an external recital -- that is, you are not portio of the unshaken but are an beyond consultant who has been designated in to succor.  Use the "to/from/subject/date" format.   To succor delay this assignment:  Also, you must not say “we should” or “our community should” or everything affect that.   You are an beyondr, not portio of the Mountainside Industries Co. 1. Watch these videos: What the heck does a consultant DO, accurately? - Management Consulting 101: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZwQtICNbRc 2. What is consulting? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wPeND2gvqc the ppt fast Better Concern Despatches (Slide 18 has an sample of a consultant's report) (attached) below is the reality that you must interpret in enjoin to do this. Please besides thrive the rubric I entertain fast. MOUNTAINSIDE INDUSTRIES Mrs. R. K.Hill, proprietor of Mountainside Industries, has designated you in as a consultant.  Believing that tighter coordination floating the divisions of her community was inevitable, she created the shaft of unconcealed overseer a year ago and paid Don Henson, an skilled accountant, to gorge it.  Things entertain not is-sueed out courteous, so-far, and she is now seeking your instruction. After studying the duty, you entertain follow up delay the thriveing notification.  Transcribe her a recital -- -- advising her environing what to do now.  Analyze the issues and effect three recommendations for Mrs. Hill. Thrive the Baker community sample to transcribe your recital. -------- When Don Henson came to Mountainside Industries a year ago, he implicit that his assignment was to carry environing tighter coordination floating its immodest divisions.  The community had antecedent skilled big consummation, but in new-fangled years rivalry has befollow abundant further solemn, and now Mrs. Hill, the proprietor, recognizes that the community must effect its operations further prolific if it is to survive. Presently in its 37th year, Mountainside Industries is the effect of mergers floating immodest originally unconnected minute cottage industries -- candy, toys, crafts, and movables -- in immodest widely dispersed Appalachian mountain locations.  Using the philosophy of a “benevolent proprietor,” Mrs. Hill originally undisputed each of them to endure to effect tolerably abundant as it did anteriorly the merger.  Within the last few years, so-far, she has ground that two of the divisions (crafts and movables) entertain frequently-again-and-again placed ample enjoins delay the identical supplier delayout each other’s scholarship and thereby failed to obtain?} utility of aggregate discounts, and that the candy and toy divisions entertain been duplicating their marketing efforts and feeble to use some open opportunities for combining their products.  Mr. Henson’s job was to amend these and concordant problems. Mrs. Hill notified the divisions environing Mr. Henson’s enactment but then left the is-sue to him, delayout suspension.  After making primal visits to each of the divisions, he infections thereafter by note and telephone.  Past he noticed, as Mrs. Hill had told him he would, that elder donations were substance made delayout mediate coordination, he instantly working a management requiring each schismatical purchasing duty to suggest all donation enjoins for $1,000 or further to him for commendation anteriorly sending them to vendors.  His note to the divisions explained the reasons for the new proceeding. At the end of the highest year, so-far, his duty had not ordinary any donation enjoins at all.  Investigation showed that frequent in extravagance of $1,000 had in reality been issued all concurrently during the year.  This is the summit at which Mr. Henson came end to Mrs. Hill for instruction environing how to get relationship from his subordinates.