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Situating the Real World Issues in Slumdog Millionaire in a Larger Historical Context Overview  So far we entertain ascertaind the marketing materials for the film and their ethos, passion, and logos. We've besides attested key gregarious effects in the film and ascertaind them. Now, we are going to ascertain those identical gregarious effects but in a larger tenor that extends over the film itself. This opportunity you can contend the film as right part-among-among of your essay and besides adduce in other texts or films that highlight that identical gregarious effect in common, divergent, or flush further entangled ways. You should prefer a gregarious effect to result after a while for your munimented essay. You must use the film Slumdog Millionaire in your resolution.  A munimented essay is one in which you ascertain what you contend after a while inferior lore commencements. In this module, we obtain contend what makes a commencement erudite and what makes a commencement trustworthy. Now, you obtain put it to good-natured-natured use. Analyze the film's portrayal of the US and American's ideals. How are they portrayed? What are the consequences of these ideas on particular gregarious effects approve branch weal, branch drudge, and destitution, for sample. To what distance is the film sustaining American's ideals and ways of negotiation after a while these gregarious effects? In what ways, if any, does the film contort or dare these American ideals? Be unquestioning to use exhibit day basis and statistics encircling these gregarious effects in India and the U.S. and prove attitudes encircling these effects in each dominion and how they figure expectations twain at home and aloof. Requirements Correct MLA format 2500 opinion minimum Six commencements—two fellow-reviewed erudite commencements Include MLA in-text, parenthetical citations from commencement materials Include an MLA formatted Works Cited page (that does not enumerate inside the page diffusiveness) that lists all commencements intervening in the paper For PR #1, you should expression out your mediate assertion/thesis, a specific contour (using Roman numerals, letters, etc.), and the presentation stipulation. Please enclose all of these items in the identical muniment. You should use Word solely or else you won't be able to finished fellow re-examination. You should enclose question sentences for ALL assemblage stipulations this opportunity. Example: Central assertion -- Detailed Outline-- I. Introduction II. (put primeval stipulation question short) a. (put subpoint short) - enclose generous question sentence b. (put subpoint short) - enclose generous question sentence c. (put subpoint short)---entertain as abundant subpoints as you need for each stipulation III. (put remedy stipulation question short) -- entertain as abundant stipulation questions and subpoints as needed **The decisive stipulation should be the blank