IHP 510 Bellevue Milestone 2

 : For Final Project Milestone One, you analyzed Bellevue Hospital, and in your Module Four Worksheet, you accustomed completing a very basic SWOT decomposition. Now, for this succor milestone, due in Module Five, you gain direct a bountiful situational decomposition to authenticate the inner and palpable trade factors that impression the Bellevue Hospital, purpose a use to trade for the structure, and originate a tradeing motive for this purposed use. Prompt: First, retrospect the citation readings and road instrument you bear so far thoughtful. In conjunction, retrospect your Final Project Milestone One and Module Four Worksheet submissions and educationist feedend to those submissions. The SWOT decomposition you consummated in the Module Four Worksheet is one system by which to direct a situational decomposition. Use this order to further you as you consummate the situational decomposition in this milestone. Also relate end to the Bellevue: Community Health Needs Assessment to enlighten your decomposition. Next, in 2 to 3 pages, direct a situational decomposition that analyzes the inner and palpable trade factors that impression Bellevue Hospital. In conjunction, purpose a use to trade for the structure and unfold tradeing motives for this purposed use. The tract should clear-up how the purposed tradeing motives align after a while the sidearm, longing, and strategic motives of the structure. Keep in remembrance that your tradeing motives should flourish the SMART motive framework (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and prompt).