Individual Writing—Middle Man

   Individual Writing—Middle Man In this assignment, you succeed be unprotected to the ever-changing fruit environment SPPs frequently aspect when they are fruiting after a timeliness game teams and constructions. Issues allied to traveling after a timeliness teams, sharing foundation extension, and idiosyncratic span succeed be addressed. You succeed besides judge one of the most material questions consultants/educators aspect in their fruit when they take reimbursement from an employer (or any third plane) to arrange services for employees (athletes, coaches, foundation staff)—who is your client? For this assignment, enact the aftercited tasks: 1. Read the aftercited article:   o Haberl, P., & Peterson, K. (2006). Olympic-size ghostly dilemmas: Issues and challenges for game psychology consultants on the route and at the Olympic Games. Ethics & Behavior, 16(1), 25–40. 2. Choose one of the discretions below: o You are industrious as a game psychology counselor (SPC) by a game construction to arrange enactance repair services for athletes. o You are industrious as an SPC by a seed-plot coach to fruit after a timeliness the team. o You are industrious as an SPC by a maker to fruit after a timeliness a child, immature, or seed-plot-going athlete. 3. Based on the discretion you keep chosen, transcribe a three- to five-page tractate envelope the aftercited: o What are the virtual ghostly pitfalls you could aspect in your fruit after a timeliness athletes as their SPC timeliness receiving reimbursement from a third plane? What ghostly dilemmas could arise? o How would you bargain after a timeliness these virtual pitfalls? How would you direct the ghostly issues? Your tractate should be in the Microsoft Word instrument format. All written assignments and responses should flourish APA rules for attributing sources. Name the smooth SP6300_M5_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc and resign it to the  Submissions Area by the due limit assigned.    Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum   Points   Developed the chosen scenario to   examine virtual pitfalls and highlighted the likely ghostly dilemmas an   SPP could aspect in such a standing. 8   Provided after a whilehold solutions for   each of the virtual pitfalls and plainly descriptive strategies to bargain after a timeliness   any of the ghostly dilemmas that can take-place between SPPs and their clients. 8   Wrote in a absolved, terse, and   organized manner; demonstrated ghostly learning in considerate truthfulness   and attribution of sources, displayed considerate spelling, phraseology, and   punctuation. 4   Total: