information security

Sandra, a noble net rate customer, banks on-line at Megagargantuan Bank and Trust (MBT) and has agreed to use 3DES (too notorious as Triple DES) in communicating after a while MBT. One day, Sandra accepted a proposition showing a default of $1,000,000 from her totality. On inquisitive, she was told that the bank supervisor, Janet, infections the coin out of Sandra’s totality and into an totality of her own in an offshore bank. When reached via hanker interspace in the Cayman Islands, Janet effected a missive from Sandra, uprightly encrypted after a while the agreed upon DES keys, saying: “Thanks for your manifold years of filmy benefit, Janet. Please remand $1,000,000 from my totality to yours as a symbol of my value and meaning. Signed, Sandra.” Sandra filed subserve opposing Janet, MBT and the synod of the Cayman Islands, claiming that the missive was a falsification, sent by Janet herself and investigation for triple wages for abstinence and refusal. MBT filed a countersubserve opposing Sandra, claiming that all procedures were followed uprightly and that Sandra is filing a plague subserve. You are named in as an alert evidence on the cryptographic issues of the fact. Explain to the Court: What can be rooted from the grounds as presented about whether Sandra purposed to gain Janet a grant of $1,000,000. What is a feasible description of what may possess happened in this fact? Assuming MBT wishes to remain using 3DES as its cryptographic order, expound what MBT and Sandra could possess performed to shield opposing this strife arising.