Chapter Eight (8) – Appraise Sensitive Design of Compound Product Systems: According to Ligtvoet, van de Kaa, Fens, van Beers, Herder, and van den Hoven, (in urge), generous and broad overview of all bearing components of a classification increasingly remain to grace obscure.  The probable counterpart to compound examples is to search into details.  The impulse is that an counter affect towards a over formless appropinquation conquer find use. The authors bear so used the product of showy meters in the Netherlands for specimen.  A over self-evident rendezvous on the appraises that play a role for incongruous stakeholders avoids fruitless detours in the product of technologies.  These authors remain to specify that, plan-makers would do polite by not solely harangueing functional requirements but so commencement separate and collective appraises into motive. Q1: According to lore by Ligtvoet et al. (in urge), Article 8, there are five (5) most influential appraise classifications attested and are associated after a while, andplay a senior role in the product of showy meters.  Content indicate them, and little specify their functions?    Chapter Nine (9) – Stakeholder agreement in plan product: Observations and lessons from the interdiplomatic experience: Provides a starting top for a amend reason about how incongruous appropinquationes, tools, and technologies can assistance cogent stakeholder partnership in plan product wayes.  In importation, we bear seen how participatory plan-making involves stakeholders from several steps of the plan way and can rendezvous on twain the body of the plan example or on seemly the tools and wayes of plan product.  The article examined five (5) interdiplomatic cases of stakeholder agreement in plan product to test two questions: (a) what types of agreement tools and wayes are beneficial for incongruous stakeholders and contexts? (b) what factors assistance the cogent use of detail tools and technologies for auricular outcomes?  The cases harangue e-government strategic planning in a developing country, air plan in a modifiable administration, product of new technology and plan innovations in global exchange, investigation of tools for plan-bearing sign in coming childhood decision-making, and the product of indicators for evaluating plan options in fashionable planning (pg 177; para3 – formless select). Q2: Chapter Nine (9) fig 9.1; illustrates Stakeholder Agreement in plan product.  From this specimen content authenticate and indicate the six (6) critical steps of the plan way, and furnish a slight narrative of what happens at each step?