Instructions for Wk 3 – Pratice Labs: Configure Client Side DNS [due Mon]

   Assignment Content    Complete the module "Configure Client Side DNS", in the Practice Labs continuity "CompTIA Linux + LX0-104": Note: In this module, you accomplish go through some tardy networking enjoins. These enjoins accomplish allot the outsuccession of new DNS settings. Capture screenshots following completing each enjoin succession step. Paste screenshots into a Word instrument. You are a Linux rule director for AlphaBeta, Inc., a national diminutive calling. It is your job to mould 3 Linux servers. You accept to series a new employee as your backup. This employee has no antecedent Linux habit, though your new protégée has been attainments the fundamentals of DNS. This dawning the boss states that he is getting an falsity missive when going to He thinks it is a DNS effect and asks your team to face into it. You career it would be mismisappropriate to beget instructions for twain your boss and your protégée so they can aid themselves in the coming.  Write a 1- to 2-page step-action consideration Microsoft® Word that addresses the following: The detailed steps needed to interrogation a contingent DNS server The detailed steps to for the appropriate DNS servers on a Linux box The steps to change the adjust in which spectry analysis takes place  Be very unfair after a while enjoins and enjoin constituency as your boss is relatively new to the Linux environment Lastly, accurately teach to your protégée why rules that insist-upon a nearness on the Internet are given a army spectry, determined a Fully Qualified Domain Spectry (FQDN), according to a hierarchical naming contrivance, determined Domain Spectry Space (DNS)