Internship Assignment

Include the aftercited CLOs in you assignment: CLO 1-  Explore manifold success possibilities.  CLO 2-  Combine classroom comprehension delay an opening to glean those disciplines, skills and attitudes which can best be gleaned on the job; such as: self-discipline, teamwork, service, and example.  CLO 3-  Develop serviceable skills in a real-world context  CLO 4-  Enhance a portfolio or renew delay serviceable test and projects.  CLO 5-  Cultivate a gleaning test, which can administer to job opportunities delayin the workforce.  In a 4 - 6 page Nursing essay fixed on your internship mode tests and the gleaning objectives achieved, revisal your internship test successes and challenges administering to enlargement.  You should sign in your Nursing essay a term of your professional portfolio and as-well embrace any sign of execution that you accept extraneous during this treaty. Provide at meanest three (3) references including two (2) peer-reviewed sources. Please use internship in a manufacturing sodality for your fame. The spectry of the sodality is Meridian Rapid Defense Group.