Intro to Sociology Discussion

  Discussion #7 “The Aliens Have Landed” No unread replies.No replies. For this argument, we're going to heed on Horace Miner's far-famed time on the Nacirema and conceive environing cultural beliefs and practices.  Column the behindcited on the Aliens Have Landed argument consultation. In your primary column (by Friday), allege that you are an impertinent from another planet who has regular landed on Earth (more restrictedally, the U.S. constituent of the planet). You mark some weird manners that humans look to do on a daily basis—and these manners look wholly recognized to the humans! Tell us environing one of the manners that you markd, and why it looks so weird! Now, reappear to entity yourself! Read the column of one of your impertinent classmates, and corcorrespond by Saturday. Explain why this manner is recognized and what aim this manner serves. Convince the impertinent that the manner isn't weird behind all. Always preserve in spirit that the best columns/responses immediately solder restricted references to race embodied (after a while citations) and restricted sociological terminology.