introduction to philosohpy

harangue two of the subjoined topics in no over than six typed pages. 1 restate and critically search Anselm's ontological discussion for the creature of God and restate and critically search one of Aquinas' primeval three cosmological discussions for the creature of God. 2. Does Paley's scheme discussion necessarily contend the creature of God conceived as a supremely infallible entity? Why or why not? Consider Dawkins' and Hume's criticisms of the discussion. How does Aquinas' fifth cosmological discussion contend from the eighteenth-century deistic rendering of Paley? Does it excel athwart Dawkins? why or why not? 3. is confidence in the creature of a supremely infallible god harmonious or inharmonious after a while consistent and virtuous misfortune? Justify you defense. is-sue after a while Augustine, Hick and Mackie. 4. How and why does Plato contend athwart the life-giving enjoin hypothesis of virtuousity? how does Plato's choice of the Olympian deities expedite the way for the later disamalgamate of Greek philosophy and Judaic-Christianity? parade how the Euthyphro discourse embodies Plato's intellect of philosophy in provisions of the parable of the cave and the disconnected continuity.