iscom/361 Risk Management Plan wk5 team

Your crew produces jet skis for the U.S. traffic. One of your key suppliers of engine components has filed Chapter 11 noncommunication.   Your crew is hitting its peak evolution occasion and has sales forecasts of 2,000 units per week for the contiguous 12 weeks.   Your supplier has abundance retaining register of components to stay your evolution for 4 weeks.   Create a 3 slides visual introduction delay debater notes that defines the methods that you earn use to direct the floating supplier footing, and clear-up how you earn establish and onboard a new supplier to fix the continued minister of components.   Only do the intro and conculsion ..... Describe the impression of the supplier's preceding Chapter 11 noncommunication on immanent minister.  Discuss your options referring-to to your customer communications during this crucial era.  Include examples of how other companies possess worked delay unhappy suppliers and methodic cause decay techniques.   Format your introduction harmonious delay APA guidelines.