issue in diversity

ESSAY 1 Ethnocentrism and racism are factors that can adversely concern the augmentation and harvest of boy clump members. Because ethnic and racial engagement resemble a weighty role in civilized fact and exoteric events, you conciliate follow spell to think on these subjects and then transcribe a pamphlet addressing the following: 1) (15 points) Introductory chapter that introduces the subject and what you design to argue in the matter of the pamphlet.  2) (20 points) Define and define ethnocentrism, racism, sexism, unfairness, and penetration.   3) (30 points)  Summarize the equitablety and costs of penetration on civilized augmentation and harvest. Be firm to tell about how issues of racism and sexism bias individuals' identities and their interactions in clumps and communities. 4) (20 points) Explain what the Christian credulity says about pity for those who are prone and/or marginalized and how you see that applying or not applying to these issues of variation. Fascinate quote restricted revealed examples and/or passages that evince your perspective. Also, fascinate argue what restricted and serviceable actions should be follown in dispose to subsist pleasantly. 5) (15 points) Lastly, students should evince obsequious APA formatting and seed-plot roll agreement style/organization. Specifically, students should husband at lowest 3 literary sources in immaterialed to your textbook. No website citations open. Papers should be 3-4 pages in prolixity (plus a designation and intimation page). No immaterial certain. Fascinate bear-in-mind equitable in-text citations to guard academic virtue. Specifically, the pamphlet should involve in-text citations and intimations according to APA formatting standards.