The consummate markets and the force to discipline funds for urbane uses are promotive to the US economic systems.  For this assignment, conceive that you enjoy $25,000 to endow in US companies. You are buying used store. The troop got the capital when it issued the store originally. You conquer be buying it from an real possessor. You are endowing, or buying the store, accordingly you revere the troop conquer reach capital and pay you a dividend in currency. Each distribute of store that you buy entitles you to any dividend visible and a vote at the annual storeholders’ convocation. The store as-well allows you the force to obtain your capital tail by selling the store. Of passage, endowing in stores is foolhardy and there is the possibility that the store you buy conquer be rate less when you neglect your capital tail. The troop is not obligated to produce you any of your capital tail. You conquer singly get your capital tail if another endowor neglects to buy your store. - Complete the following: 1. Indicate the companies you are endowing in: Select three (3) US companies that are publicly traded.  Please use your acquirements and trial and glean, as abundant stores as you’d love. Lastly, reach permanent you are practicing good-natured-natured variation. Jim Cramer, Capital Manger, on CNBC, plays a diversion at the end of his exhibition denominated “Am I Diversified.” Check out a abrupt curtail to get a notion of perseverance variation at