Journaling on Internship experience

Completing a psychology internship at a family counseling construction. Please perfect the forthcoming record questions.  GUIDELINES FOR JOURNAL WRITING Write your single reactions, thoughts and moveings as they detail to a counseling internship.  Try not to referee or dissect your communications.  Your record should muse contemplative communication detaild to your internship experiment.  The forthcoming questions are to be used as a train.   1. What are the thoughts and moveings you are experiencing during opportunity at your internship? 2.  How do you see yourself in the primal stages of your internship? How is it for you to inaugurate? If this is for your terminal record, how is it for you to end? 3.  What are you counsel about: yourself, the way your exercise operates, the target population your exercise serves, the province of counseling and psychology? 4.  What adjustments do you perceive yourself making to adjust to this elucidation, staff, & clients?  What do you detail these adjustments to? 5.  What are the highs and lows of your experiment delay your exercise? 6.  What feedback are you entity loving by your superintendent, other staff, and clients?  What is your reaction to this feedback? 7.  What do you move most speedy for and meanest speedy for?  What added counsel do you move would be suited to you if you were to abide delay this placement? FOR YOUR LAST JOURNAL ONLY 8.  Describe the make of the exercise and its connection to the commonwealth it serves.  What changes would you aidr in appoint to aid more efficacious endowment of services?