Policy Sapidity Presentation In provision of the last assignment where you feel an opening to contemplation organizational prudence, you allure evaluate organizational policies contemplationed to stir and augment family-friendly, various, or woman- and minority-friendly kinsfolk. Select a fraternity's organizational policies for sapidity then make a multimedia exhibition for fraternity leaders that presents the benefits, drawbacks, and recommendations for their popular policies. As you evaluate the policies, be firm to allusion versed operation to patronage the integration of the following: sociological theories of operation the experiences and property of policies on disenfranchised groups the need to sustainably patronage and leverage the gift of employees Prepare a exhibition that you could give-up to the Board of Directors in 5-7 minutes. Be firm to suitably summon all sources and use slide notes to comprise the script that accompanies the slides. Feel easy to be notional in how you prefer to give-up the exhibition. It could be a PowerPoint or Prezi exhibition using slide notes to comprise the script that accompanies the slides; soothe a ample script; unravel notes for protest cards; and other options as common by your pedagogue.