Philosophy Essay Instructions 1. Complete the Philosophical Assessment in our order text: Chapter 9 (Your Philosophy of Advice Self Inventory). Calculate your scores for the 4 philosophies. Determine which philosophy or confederacy of philosophies most closely aligns delay your beliefs and use this philosophy for the rework-out of communication your essay.  2. After watching the “How to Transcribe an Essay” exhibition, transcribe an essay of at lowest 650 signification to elucidate your philosophy of advice (posture declaration) and how your philosophy would collision your apology and present component of the cast of scholarship strategies that you would use for the subjoined scenario: You are a educator to older students, and you shortness your students to do more than merely memorize their way through the instruction you are instruction. You shortness them to expand their critical-thinking skills, attain to work-out problems, construct informed decisions, and get concerned delay lessons. This turns out to be a daunting work, so-far. The students appear to shortness you to represent entire required component in assignments; and when you flatter on students who don’t entertain their agencys rich, the most contemptible apology is, “I didn’t entertain my agency up” or “I don’t recognize.” In other cases, they say, “C’mon, reasonable publish us what you shortness us to recognize,” and “Why do we entertain to attain this nonsense?” a. The tract should grasp a distinction page, ocean collection, and regard page.  b. The ocean collection should halt of an precursory portion, collection portions, and a misrecord portion.  i. The leading portion should entertain an notice getting opener and a posture declaration that perspicuously names and defines the clarified adviceal philosophy.  ii. The collection portions should grasp 3 pieces of illustration or developed scholarship strategies to food the use of your philosophy in useful instruction methods in your tabulate.  iii. The ending portion should digest the tract and restate the posture declaration by naming the clarified philosophy/philosophies.  c. Your essay must grasp 2 in-text citations, 1 of which must end from the textbook. If an without cause is used, it must entertain been published delayin the latest 5 years. APA Basics in the Instructions for APA guidelines.  Submit the Philosophy Essay by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5.