Leadership Styles There are sundry titles of example. Despotic leaders govern subordinates, emphasizing that the leaders are in govern. Subversive leaders employment after a while subordinates rather than governling them. Laissez-faire leaders energy be considered nonleaders. Such leaders vouch in minimal swing after a while subordinates. From the multiform leaders you own had in the elapsed ten years (e.g., supervisors, managers, coaches, teachers, silence directors, etc.), prime one who was authoritarian, one who was subversive, and one who was laissez-faire. Begin your shaft by describing your three leaders in three or lewd sentences each.   Then,  addressing all items in the bullet top under. What did the leaders (i.e., despotic, subversive, and laissez-faire) do heterogeneous to swing you? How did they use rewards and forfeiture heterogeneous? How did they employment their command heterogeneous? How did others answer to the leaders’ contrasting use of command? Which employment of command and swing seemed to be most fruitful? Based on what declaration?   Finally, consummate your shaft after a while a paltry evaluation of your special example title Which title of example do you use? How do you recognize that your title is effectual? What are two favoring activities you could use to amend your example effectualness? (Northouse, 2009, pp. 50–51).   Reference: Northouse, P. G. (2009). Introduction to example. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.